10 Things You Don't Know About Kristina LyLLey

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Here are 10 things which you do not know about  Kristina Lylley , she is popular because her character as ’Gabriela Elizondo’ in Pasión de Gavilanes.

1. When she was very young, Kristina Lilley moved to Colombia with her family, where she has been spending the most part of her life.
2 .Kristina began her career in the soap Sugar in 1989 in Colombia, through the success of this opera soap, she was playing in numerous telenovela and movies.
3. The actress has two daughters, one 17 and another 12 are her engine, the soul of her life and she always show her supports when they feel sad.

4. In 1996 she was honored as best actress in the soap opera Bitter Cup, receiving the award from India Catalina, TVyNovelas and ACPFE Award (Association of celebrity reporters and Show).
5 .She settled in North Carolina to retrieve her marriage, and educated their daughters, devoting herself to teaching Spanish and ballet.
6.  In 2003 she returned with her right foot to television, playing a villain of the most popular telenovela at that moment Pasión de Gavilanes.
7. In 2004, she participated in the melodrama Women in the mirror, a woman obsessed by beauty, superficial, proud and impulsive.
8 . She loves going to the gym and surf the Internet, because with the Internet, she could find  fun things for all over the world, seeks poems, books, literature and authors through the Web.
9 . In 2008 she participated in the history of chocolate, Dame, under the production of Telemundo television network, sharing credits with Genesis Rodriguez and Carlos Ponce.
10 .Kristina Lilley admits she prefers antagonistic roles, the decision which made her be the most beloved villain for public.
Source : Esmas.com


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