CW Connect : Interview with Nina Dobrev Part 2

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 premiere will begin soon (September, 9 2010), and I believe that there are many fans who can’t hardly waiting for the new season. While we are waiting the premiere, I’m posting this video interview from CW Connect which had posted at
In the video, Nina answered questions from fans which posted or sent to the CW. I provided the transcript, just in case you have a slow Internet connection like mine :

Opening : Hi, there. I;m Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries. And this is CW Connect
Q : How does it feels to leave Canada in order to work in the US for Vampire Diaries ?
Nina Dobrev (ND) : I, ehm.., move from Toronto, Canada to Atlanta, Georgia and I’m filming a very amazing..amazing show. And it really fun, I love it. It’s not very different, because is another silly reason. And I came from the great show, Degrassi, but I felt they treated me really well. I came ready and prepared. And the show’s great, so I’m really excited.
Q : Do you miss working with Degrassi cast?
ND : So, I’m used in the show, Degrassi, and...I really miss my casts, my friends. But, honestly I’m talk to them all the time. I call them. Paula, and Charlotte. I came to New York recently, so I still in touch with them a lot. But, I am on the show, and have a lot great new friends. And the cast is amazing, so it’s the best for the both of all. I get to talk to everyone and I have friends that I really love for the rest of my life. So, I’m really happy.
Q : Will Elena ever be turned into a vampire?
ND : We are at the first season. And Elena is just a normal girl. Whether not she turned into a vampire is a really interested me enough. I guess it's the question of Captent William to Julie Black. Maybe, maybe not. We just have to stay tune, watch and see what’s happens.
Q : If you could have a super power, what would it be ?
ND : If I were able to have any super power in the World, I would love to be invisible. And fly..I want to have a choice to disappear sometimes, and do my own thing. And then, fly to different places around the World. Because I love traveling.
Q : If you met a real Stefan-a vampire and everything- would you date him in real life ?
ND : If I met Stefan or a vampire likes him in real life, will I date him ? You know what? Just because it’s intriguing, I will be interesting with the real vampire, or would be like, kind of experiences like on the show. But if you hold another level in your life. And I guess I go there, I try out. Go for a couple days, see if he pushes my button in the right direction
Disclaimer : I was trying hard to wrote done everything Nina had said in this interview. But, I’m not sure if this transcript was 100 % correct. (What else I could do? English not my first languages). So, please comment if there are something wrong.


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