Michel Brown played on Física o Química


Michel Brown who famous because his role, Franco Reyes, in the popular telenovela Pasion de Gavilanes (a.k.a Hidden Passion) makes the leap to the Spanish series, Fisica o Quimica (Physics and Chemistry). It has been airing from September 2009 at Antena 3.
His arrival to the series is to replaced the departure of Michel Gurfi which already announced. Gurfi himself started played on Los Serrano. Michel Brown played Miguel BelAZ, the new history teacher on Zurbarán College. Miguel is a young teacher who confident and very demanding with his students. And because of that, he gets some trouble with his students, but soon he can adapt himself.
Although he is an amazing teacher on the college, but his personal life is on the trouble. He couldn’t maintain a stable relationship with women. He has a girlfriend, Irene, but soon a conflict started between them.
Source : Dentrotele


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