Supernatural Season 6 Spoilers from the Comic Con 2010 Event

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I’ve already posted some articles which Eric Kripke had stated that Supernatural should ended at season 5. But, on the Comic Con 2010 on San Diego, Eric confessed that the plan has changed and he still plans on being involved in this series though not as a producer anymore. Also he stated that actually if Supernatural had really ended on its 5th season, there are more character will be died.

But, since the series will be entering its 6th season, they should change the story. Although the Michael and Lucifer story arc still same, there are 70-80 % of script has been altered to keep the series going. Beside Kripke, Sera Gamble (the writer), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins also attended the panel.
You can watch the videos on about the interview. There is Jared who told the audience about Sam’s trip into the Hell and about his character’s future. While Misha Collins was also on hand and shared a little info about Castiel. He stated that he will return to a heaven that’s completely out of order and he’ll try to create a coalition to get things back to normal.
Gamble also stated that a female relative of the brothers will come into the picture next season. While Ackles said that when the show returns it will be one year after the “apocalyptic event” and Dean will be domesticated. According to the actor, “He’s living a somewhat normal life. This season will focus on how he gets pulled back into the situation and how he deals with that.”
One big question that everyone wanted answered had to do with Prophet Chuck. Is he really God? Well, here’s what Kripke said about that:
We’re not gonna give an answer. It’s completely open to interpretation. We didn’t want a character to come out in the end and say, ‘And I’m God!’”
So there you have it! A lot of stuff went down and the fans were eating it up. One thing you can also look forward to in season 6 is an episode entitled “Weekend at Bobby’s,” which Ackles directed himself. It will be the 4th episode to air this season so look out for it!
While - According to EW’s Michael Ausiello, Supernatural is looking to bring back Mitch Pileggi for multiple episodes in season 6. Fans definitely remember Pileggi as Samuel Campbell, Sam and Dean’s grandpa who presumably died after being possessed by Azazel.

Is Grandpa Winchester alive? Does this mean season 6 will feature a lot more time travel?


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