The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1-8 Review


A quick and short review

The first time I knew about The Vampire Diaries was when Twilight became popular. The Vampire was a really popular back then (until now, actually). But, I didn't like it for several reasons. Twilight didn't work for me, I think it only suitable for girls and not for men. So, shallowly I thought The Vampire Diaries won't work for me either. Another reason was it replaced Smallville's airing schedule. And I thought it could be damaged my favorite show's rating.

When I saw the official promotional poster, I thought Paul and Ian are ridiculous. I thought they should pick another actors to play the vampires. But, it just matters of time before Nina Dobrev attracted me. I've seen several pictures of hers, and I think she is really cute.
Also, I'm not so idealistic person. So, I'm always looking for some popular TV Series and write about them in MyDailyPlanet to drive more traffics. I know that The Vampire Diaries is popular and  interesting to post several articles about it. The problem is all TV Series on this blog, they have been aired in my country. And I've seen them, like them and I can give personal opinion about them. But it not airing yet in my country. I have only seen several trailers, and it's not enough for me.
It takes almost a year when finally I can watch it, several days ago. The first several episodes. And it has changed my mind. Actually, I don't really care about the vampire stuff, etc. What drove me to watch this TV Series was I want to see Nina's acting. And why it so popular.
I've read several reviews which mentioned that this TV Series is all emotions in one package. There are romantic moment, tragedy, horror and actions. OK, the horror and the actions parts not really impressed me, but the romantic is. For the very beginning, the romantic part is really strong between Elena and Stefan. All songs featured in this show are really impressed me. Like Nina said, the songs not distracted from the scene, but they give complement to the scenes. Also, like Ian has said, several songs aren't mainstream so they give a fresh nuance to this show.
The relationship between Stefan and Damon also really interesting for me. I've read the premise, an ordinary teenage girl get trapped in the two vampires. One is good, while the other is evil. I thought whenever Damon appears, there will be a fight. But instead, the fights not solely physics. The war between them is also contains strategic actions. It looks like that these two vampires are playing a chest game. And the pawns are humans around them, while the main prize is Elena. And that is interesting.
Both of them are interesting characters. Damon is complicated yet interesting character in this show.  We know that he's not solely an evil vampire, while Stefan is a gentle and charming vampire. But, there is one big question for me. One hundred dollars question (it's cheap question, isn't it?, because it's not really important, but keeps me curious). Why all people seem to pick Damon than Stefan? Other question, why people think that Nina and Ian are a couple?
It seems that the good boy not really turn on girls anymore, and that they have a big crush toward the bad boy.
While my curiosity about Nina's acting, changes into another thing. Now, it's official that she is my new favorite actress. So, don't be surprised if you will find several articles about her more than the other casts of The Vampire Diaries on the next few months. I think she successes to play Elena's character. Elena is a really charming girl. Not only does she beautiful, but also smart, acute, brave, selfless girl who I like to date with. And now, I can't hardly waiting to finish the rest episodes.


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