Paul Wesley talks about Stefan who having bigger balls on Season 2


Well, I’m surprised when I saw Stefan threatened Uncle John, and how Katherine failed to trick him on their first encounter. I’m smiled and thought, "Wow, where the hell you’ve been Stefan? Now, it’s your time to be a bad ass! Keep going!"

Well, it seems Elena will be harder to not deeply in love with her vampire boyfriend. While his brother, Damon will be suffered on several times, Paul reveals to Zap2It, that the second season is the time where Stefan has a little bit of fun. At least, we’ll see he smiles often than on first season. Paul also comments on Stefan’s hairstyle:
"Stefan’s style is going to change at some point," he says. "He hasn’t always dressed like this or worn his hair like this, and he won’t necessarily continue to. Plus, as Kevin Williamson pointed out, we’ve made incredible advancements in computer generated photography. I could play this out for a long time. But who knows, maybe he’ll get a buzz cut or a mohawk. A mohawk would be cool... I’m not sure it’d be Stefan, but it’d be cool."
At least there is some fun on this intense nuance of The Vampire Diaries. Paul also reveals more about Stefan who will embrace his vampire instinct, having a bromance with Matt. Read the interview on Zap2It.


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