Hidden Passion Episode 10


Gabriela tells Oscar to suspend their jobs due to Rodeo Charity Event

Rosario tells Franco that he’s banned to come to the bar. But, it seems the ban can’t stop Rosario for spending her time with Franco. Sarita’s trying to find Franco. Instead, she finds Juan topless in the changing room. Meanwhile, Gabriela tells Oscar to suspend their jobs to build the cabin because there is a rodeo charity event.
Oscar sees this event as opportunity to get close to the Elizondo sisters and request permission to attend the event. He gets what he wants, though he and his brothers end up as Martin’s babysitters. Playing poker in his room. While, The Uribe comes to the hacienda. Apparently, on this event, Gabriela wants one of her single daughters to engage with one of Rachel’s nephews.
While, on the rodeo events, some wealthy ranch owners offer donation with a condition. They want to give donation to the cowboy who can last longer in the rodeo event. Trying to impress Norma, Juan accepts the challenge. His action, somehow makes Norma’s heart pounding both for curiosity and worry.
But, he wins the challenge and donates all money for the orphans. Not only does his victory dazzled Norma, but also his decision to donate all the money, most impressed her.


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