The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 3 Bad Moon Rising Review


Although I'm agree with Elena, it still broke my heart when I  heard
what she said to Damon
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 I'm actually wanted to write a review. But every time I try, I can't finish it. I'm trapped in the situation where I'm trying to write a detail storyline. But, now I want to try my best shoot. I think it will be a good therapy for my mind.
Although this episode not as strong as the first episode, but still watching this episode made me felt that someone stakes my heart with a needle. Made my heart bleeding little bit. No kidding.
 I think it because Elena and Damon, Caroline and Matt and then, Jenna and Ric. Now, I will try to review several important things from this episode instead of trying to give you all the spoilers. So, let's start it:

1. Stefan trying to be a Caroline’s mentor 
This is a funny part from this episode. Not really funny actually. But, it's good to see the relationship between them. If we are talking about old Caroline who we saw at the first season, I think that this master-disciple relationship not going work at all. But, Caroline already changed before she became a vampire. And I think Matt is the person who responsible about it. He changed some Caroline's personalities. So this girl becomes more controllable. It's really a heartbreak moment when I saw what happened to Caroline and Matt. But, I'm not sure that it's really ended like that.
2. Elena and Damon friendship 
Stefan has to stay on Mystic Falls, so he can train Caroline. So, there is no other option for Elena be sides that she has to go with Damon and Alaric. The car scene when they will depart to Duke, make me laugh.
 I love this girl. She is trying to send "a message" to Damon when she kisses Stefan so passionately in front of him. I think this scene is one of several scenes that make Damon's fans screaming and say:"What the hell!"
 But, that's why I love Elena. I think she's very consistent and honest from the very beginning. Some fans accused her as a liar and that is something between Damon and her.
But at the very beginning, she always makes it very clear about her feeling to Damon and Stefan. She's honorable girl and not a wishy-washy girl who will double-cross her boyfriend just because he has older brother who hotter according to the fans.
 I love her quality and her consistent messages to both of Salvatore brothers. Another scene that make Damon's fans angry to Elena is at the end of episode. I know that some Damon's fans would say (or already said) that Elena is a bit*h because she hurts Damon's feeling.
But, I'm on her side. There are several possibilities why she said what she said. She was so naive to think that she could change Damon with her friendship. Or that she was really believed that there is a friendship between her and Damon.
She is on the point where she realizes that there is no friendship between her and Damon. Damon doesn't want a friendship with her. Frienship thing on this context is a big bullshit. Friend not trying to kiss his female friend or trying to ruin his female friend's love relationship. Or trying to win her loves. That's not friendship at all.
What Elena only sees that he is trying to make Elena loves him. And talking about love relationship, what Damon has only manipulation, game and trick. That's a love that he only knows for 145 years, when he thinks that he loves Katherine. While Elena and Stefan, their relationship at the very beginning is about a truth and honesty.
So, Elena just trying to make it very clear to Damon just like she wants to say:"You don't want to be my friend. Everything that you are trying to do with me just a manipulative way to make me love you. And you have been covering your actions with something that you called friendship. Sorry, it's not going work with me. You're already lost me."
OK, I know that some readers already mad on me when they read the sentences above and think that I'm Damon's hater. Don't get me wrong. I like Damon and Stefan almost equally. But, I'm always respect loyalty that Elena has. And I'm also really on her side.
What I could see now about Damon with Elena isn't a good thing for Elena. Damon now isn't deserve her yet. He's not able to love someone in the right way. Or in the way Elena wants.
She isn't a perfect girl, but all I see from the very beginning is that Elena always be a loyal, honest and selfless girl. She wants the same qualities from her lover.
 If I ask: "Is Present-Damon has those qualities that Elena wants?" Just be honest now, forget about physical attractiveness that he has and answer my question. Also, what the kind of relationship that she has with a psychopath who kills people impulsively? Is she will be happy with a vampire who not stable and always changes his mind?
3. Mason, Caroline and Katherine 
Well, the original myth about vampires and werewolves actually not a hot news because we already know it. But, the way this show brings it to us really entertaining and surprising as well. Just like if I were living on planet Mars and never watch Underworld trilogy.
Just curious about Mason's transformation and asked myself: "Is that his only full transformation? Or is there anything else?" Because it's not really scare me be sides the fact what a werewolf capable of.
The last shocking part is about Caroline's scene at the very end of episode. When I saw that hot vampire who I already missed, what came to my mind just a question "What the hell are you doing on the Caroline's bedroom? What you're up to, hot bit*h?"


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