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Although I think that big fans probably know about this and that this is not something really important, but it's kind of funny for me. Apparently The Vampire Diaries casts have been appearing in my other favorite TV Series and or my favorite movies. Some of the cast surprised me since I didn't notice that they had appeared on the TV Series, while for the other I probably notice them. So, this article want to track where the casts had appeared on other shows or movies. I limited the lists for only several casts that I think will surprise you.

1. Sara Canning ( Aunt Jenna)

Sara Canning apparently had appeared several times on Smallville Season 9. Actually twice, as Tess’ assistant on episode "Odyssey" and "Plastique"
2. Ian Somerhalder ( Damon Salvatore)
Just look his face, he looks funny but scarry

He had appeared on Smallville Season 3 as Adam Knight. A young man who died because liver disease, but resurrected again with a serum from Clark’s blood. He was recruited by Lionel to spy Lana. He finally get closed with Lana and moved into her apartment.
3.Paul Wesley ( Stefan Salvatore)
When Lucas came to Smallville, he aroused  Clark's jealousy

He appeared on Smallville Season 2 Episode 15 Prodigal as Lucas Luthor. Yes, he is Lex’s stepbrother from the Lionel’s affair with one of his maid. Lucas was a gambler and dangerous person who Lionel like to keep him as a secret. But, Lex brought him and almost endangered him and his father.
Also, he had appeared with Katerina Graham on The OC as Donnie (episode The Outsider) and with Steven R.McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) on the series "Everwood" as Tommy Calaghan.
4. Candice Accola ( Caroline Forbes)
Who notice that she is our Candice Accola? Look her boyfriend in this movie!

This is the funny part, Candice appeared on Juno. She played a minor role as unknown girl, who accidentally became Juno’s lab partner. This unknown girl has a fight with her boyfriend because he was going to some party, I think you know it already.
5. Katerina Graham (Bonnie Bennet)
Kat had appeared on Lindsay Lohan's movies back on 1998 "The Parent Trap" and also with Paul on The OC as Kim. Also, she appeared on Justin Bieber video music "Somebody to Love".


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