Hidden Passion Episode 14


Norma and Juan are kissing in her room


Juan is skulks into Norma's room. And when Norma catches him, Juan kisses her. Norma just let him instead of screams. But then, Norma slaps him for his attempts. Their passionate moment is interrupted by Martin.

Rosario still thinking Franco although she just recently got fired and doesn't have any job. Meanwhile, Raquel and Gabriela excited about Jimena dating Leandro. But, without their concerns, both Jimena and Leandro willing engaged just because they have their own purposes. Jimena wants a freedom that she could get if she is dating him, while Leandro just want to inherit Raquel's wealth.

But, Leandro also demands that Jimena not treat him just like an accomplice, but as an equal partner. In other place, Franco is seeking Armando in order to pay back for what he had done.

Norma realizes, despite her trauma, her hatred and repulsion toward men, she's not afraid to kiss Juan. And even enjoys it.

Franco finally recovers and can work again. Both Jimena and Franco can't hide their excitement. Meanwhile, Armando keeps pushing Rosario to betray her love to Franco in order to get her life back. In the end of episode, Gabriela announces the Jimena and Leandro's engagement.


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