The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode "Kill or Be Killed" Review


No spoiler warning: The fact that you are visiting this page is a prove that you want to know everything about this episode, including the spoilers.

Finally there is a chance to prove that I'm not a Damon-hater. At least, there are several good things that I could say about Damon in this fifth episode of The Vampire Diaries.

The other things that I got after I watch this show: Katherine broke my heart and Elena proved herself to me that she deserves to be a main character. The last, but not least, Caroline is my new favorite vampire.

The Lockwoods

Mason tells Tyler why, how and when he triggered the curse. What I'm not told you on the previous review was that to be a werewolf, a Lockwood has to kill someone. Or in Mason's case was accidentally killed someone.

Tyler and Jeremy

Apparently Elena breaks all news update to Jeremy about everything that has been happening. So, Jeremy who thinks that he's a part of this team, wants to find out about the Lockwood's curse and also is that Tyler also a werewolf just like his uncle.

He arranges to have some hanging out moment with Tyler. Well, not exactly just both of them. There are also Amy and Sarah.

Jeremy provokes Tyler, so his enemy for fun tells him about the werewolves things. There is something weird that happens here. I don't know what it is, but I think it's too easy for Tyler to-you know-telling every secret to Jeremy. Or probably he just needs someone to talk.

Mason and The Salvatore Brothers

While most of Mystic Falls people all together on Historical Society Volunteer Day, Stefan tries his best to make an apology about what Damon did and also offers a truce. It's not going well and Stefan has to exchange threats with Mason.

I think what Stefan did just pushes Mason to act exactly like the Lockwoods did. So, like his ancestor he informs the truth about Damon and Stefan to Liz Forbes.

On the first time, she doesn't believe him. Then, Mason challenges her, says that he can prove to her that the Salvatore brothers are vampires.

Meanwhile, there is my favorite couple. Still pretending that they are on the fight. The way they made a plan in early scene was funny. But, they are really good in pretending that they are on the fight. The funny thing is when they have a little fight, Caroline and Damon are eavesdropping on them.

I know that this is a fake fights, but Elena's question is also a really serious question, "I saw her, Stefan. It's like we're the same person. How could you hate her and be in love with me?" Wow, that is a hard question for a fake fights. Stefan finally says,"I can't do this anymore, Elena." It means "I love you, Elena." And Elena then answers, "Fine, Stefan. Whatever." It means" I love you, too."

Elena then acts like she's really mad at him and just go. Well, apparently Damon not buy it, but Caroline seems desperately want to believe that their fight is for real. I really understand that she just wants to save her own ass. I know that Katherine's sexy, but she is also really scary too. It's better for Caroline to just do whatever Kat wants.

Caroline follows her and trying to comfort her. In other place, Mason's plan really work. Liz sees through her own eyes the solid prove that Damon is a vampire.

Forbes, Lockwood and Salvatores

Liz is calling for a back up and arranges an ambush for The Salvatores. Caroline who notices that her mother acts strange, feels that something isn't right. She manages to go to the high place, so she can hear better. While Elena's following her. She is able to hear better, unfortunately only to know that the ambush mission is successful. The Salvatore brothers collapse when they were trying to take Mason down.

Mason leads the ambush team (Liz and two deputies) to the Lockwood's underground room so they can more freely interrogate and kill them. While Caroline and Elena are trying to track them. They finally meet Mason who threaten to tell Liz the truth about Caroline. When Caroline tries to shut him down, Mason takes Elena as a hostage. Well, I think Caroline learns several things from Katherine (or Stefan?). So, Mason is messing up with a wrong vampire. "I can take you!" Caroline says.

"Want to bet?" Mason challenges her while he grabs Elena's neck. But, it just a second until Caroline throws him, pushes him on the tree. Then, kicks his dick. Wow!

How it feels, Mason? That's for trying to mess up with Elena!

They finally find out where Liz and her team brought the Salvatore brothers. Caroline hears that they will stake them. Elena, just as usual when it comes to "Stefan in a danger" situation. She becomes sloppy and just bursts in to rescue them. Actually Caroline tries to stop her and really want to help. But, there is her mom who can find out what she is now if she helps Elena.

But, finally she has no other options. Here again, Caroline becomes a hero who saves the day. All just by herself. She takes down the deputies with her super peed (better than her male mentor did) and makes her mom completely shocks.

Well, Damon is furious about what Mason did. I don't know why, but he looks more sad about Liz finally knows what he is than angry. He said it several times that "But, you're my friend, Liz!" when he got ambushed.

After his power back, he looks confuse and says:"What I'm going to do with you, Liz?" Caroline who knows exactly what Damon usually do on this situation, is trying hard to convince her mother to not tell anyone about what happened.

But, Liz prefers to die because she can accept the fact that her friend and her daughter are vampires. And when all people on the room worry about Damon who they think would kill her, Damon just says,"Relax, Guys! No one's kill anybody!" He also adds, "You're my friend, Liz!"

Well, I don't know whether he really changes to be a nicer guy or just pretending, but I have to give him a credit for that. And he also tried to make Liz and Caroline to get along with each other previously.

Stefan and Elena

Stefan decides that this is a right time to end his diet. He needs to be as strong as he could be. And he needs human blood for that. Initially, Elena doesn't think that it is a good idea. But, Damon (one more credit to you, man) indirectly suggests that she has to support Stefan's plan.

Well, I don't know with you, guys! But, I think Damon is on the point where he can see the reality. What reality? The reality that Elena's good for Stefan and Stefan's also good for her. And when they are together they're more than happy.

Although I don't think that Damon is giving up on Elena. The good thing is Elena also gives him a credit and says," What you did to Caroline's mom. That's Damon who was my friend!"

Well, you have heard her, man! Just keep your hard work and prove that you're could be a good Damon. Elena thinks that if Stefan wants to try to controlling his crave on human blood, he shouldn't do it alone. She's volunteer herself and donate her blood. It's sounds like Sooki and Billy on True Blood, isn't it? But, I think it's the right decision. She risks her life, so Stefan must try hard to make everything works. She makes her life as a bet, so if anything goes wrong, he would really regret it.

But in other hand, it shows how much she really trusts him. That's what I called a wonderful girlfriend. And also what I called a true love.

Mason and Katherine

The truth is Katherine and Mason have been together and they came back together to Mystic Falls for a mission. I don't know for how long they've been together.

What the impression that I got was that she took an advantage on him because she knew the fact that he's a Lockwood. She compelled Jimmy, his best friend to make a fight with Mason. So, Mason accidentally killed him and triggered the curse.

I don't know what Katherine said about the moonstone or the Salvatore brothers. But she successfully convinced him to back to Mystic Falls. And I didn't think that Mason knows that Katherine has a special feeling to Stefan. Katherine is an expert on manipulates hot and nice guy like Mason (who almost has similar personality with Stefan in one or another way).

Well, you are capable of love, Katherine. But, still you're a bit*h! She broke my heart when she kisses Mason passionately (and bites his lip too).


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