Hidden Passion Episode 17


Oscar is furious when he finds out about Jimena's wedding

Since Norma has a difficult time with Fernando after she had spent a passionate with Juan. She refuses to be touched by Fernando and even refuses to stay in one room with him. She insists to get divorce with him as soon as possible which of course face the strong rejection from Gabriela.
Gabriela instructs Sarita to manage the family business.

Oscar is furious to learn of the wedding date of Jimena. Meanwhile, Oscar is furious when he finds out about Jimena's wedding plan with Leandro. He fears that his plan would fail. Oscar wants Franco to push her about her wedding plan. So, he threatens Jimena that he would end their relationship if she keeps her plan. Jimena swears to Franco that the wedding plan just a fake plan.
Armando begs Rosario to return to his life, even if only as his artist on his bar.
In other place, Norma realizes that she's in love with Juan. She's not fears to confess it to Eva and even confess about what had happened between her and Juan. Eva who worries and disturbed about what happened, warns Juan to leave Norma alone. While Juan confesses that he's in love with Norma and won't back-down even for only one step.
It seems the forbidden love drives this couple crazy since Norma who can't take it anymore, decides to confess what happened to her family. Eva's shocks and tries to stop her from this suicide action. Cornered, the only thing left on her mind is about her resignation. So, she talks to Gabriela about it.


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