Ian Somerhalder : Damon doesn't deserve Elena


After Kevin Williamson and Julie said their opinion whether Damon's worthy for Elena or not, now Ian said his personal opinion about his character on this TV Series. In the interview with Showtracker.com, Ian talks about Episode 7 "Masquerade", his own theory why  Mystic Falls draws supernatural creatures, why Damon stills on the city although he has been through hard moments with Katherine and Elena. And also, he shared her opinion whether Damon is deserves Elena for this moment :
Do you see redemption down the line for Damon? Could he be worthy of Elena one day?
Worthy, I'm not sure. Redemption, I hope. It would take a lot. But I hope so. I think that deep down he doesn't deserve her, but he would like to...
Read the interview on Showtracker.com


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