Kevin Williamson and Julie Pliec : Is Damon worthy for Elena?


Well, the road of redemption for Damon seems long and hard

I know that there are many fans who want to see Damon starts a love relationship with Elena. We have heard some many opinions from the casts about this issue. There was Nina who talked about it on several interviews, and also Ian himself talked about this possibility. And then, Katerina Graham. All these casts probably have almost similar opinion about Damon and Elena that probably not satisfy the Delena fans.
So, what the most important is about our executive producers and main writers opinion because they are who in charge in the TV Series's storyline. Well, probably the Delena fans won't like it either. Zap2It has an interview with these awesome writers and producers about this issue and they are also answering the million dollar question: Is Damon worthy for Elena?
"This is such an unpopular opinion," Plec says cautiously, "but I really feel strongly about everybody's willingness to love Damon no matter what he does. I love Damon. Who doesn't love Damon? But if everybody loves him no matter what he does, then how does what he does have impact? How is there anything profound about your anti-hero or your villain?"
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