Julie Plec : What Mason wants from Katherine?


“What happens once I give you the moonstone?” Mason asks Katherine in the preview for this week’s Vampire Diaries episode, titled “Plan B.” “We live happily ever after,” she replies.
Give me break!! It seems that Ms. Pierce doesn't read Taylor Kinney's interview yet. He won't buy it, Kat! But, seriously what the hell Katherine wants with the moonstone ? Well, Julie dishes little bit about what will happen on the sixth episode of the TV Series, The Vampire Diaries :

“Katherine is up to no good times a thousand,” executive producer Julie Plec said when Wetpaint.com asked her for details on the episode. “She is up to probably the worst things she’s ever done since she got to town.”

Worse than killing Caroline? Worse than condemning 26 of her brethren to death? Teases Plec, “Worse.” While the Plec won’t reveal what Katherine does this week, she will say whom. Apparently the show will open with Kat and Uncle Mason showing a little post-hookup skin. “In a bed. Bare skin,” Plec says.

Read more about what will happen in Wetpaint.com


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