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Before I watched this episode, I thought that it would be bloody, passionate and heartbreaking. Well, it wasn’t like I thought. But, it still smoothly bloody and heartbreaking. The writers and producers did it again to us. They killed someone, and we-especially if you’re female fans-going to miss him.

Passionate doppelgangers morning

Well, we knew from the promotional video that we'll see Katherine and Mason- like Julie said- making out in "their bare skin". But, bare skin thing is overrated. The surprise thing it's just like we're entering an alternate world when two couples are making out and the females were looked alike. It like a comparison. In one side, we see Elena's having a romantic morning with Stefan in her bed. In another side, we see Katherine's having a passionate morning with Mason in her bed. I don't know about you, but I choose Elena and Stefan.
On these romantic and passionate morning from these couples, we know that Mason didn't give the moonstone to Katherine. He keeps it on a safe place. "Don't you trust, me?" Katherine asks him. And Mason just says,"I don't trust anyone..."
While, in other hand we know that Stefan and Elena would go to the Lockwood's house and helping the Masquerade Ball's preparation. Stefan doesn't trust Mason (anymore) and wants to keep an eye for this man, while Elena just tries to do what she should do-decorating for the ball.

Jeremy insists to join the club, while Bonnie gets the VIP card

Jeremy shows up in front of Salvatore boarding house's door, visits Damon. He's reluctantly letting him in because Jeremy says that Mason came back to Mystic Falls probably because of the moonstone. And this punk kid knows where it is.
Alaric then comes with Isobel's research about the hot topic, surprised by the present of Jeremy. The conclusion is that the moonstone probably has a supernatural power to undo the restriction in werewolves curse. What I mean is the moonstone probably has the ability to whether enables a werewolf to transform any time and anywhere he/she wants or breaks the curse so he/she can't transform anymore. So the deal is Jeremy tries to get the stone from Tyler.
Well, Jeremy tries hard to get his way while Bonnie (who has been missing for several episodes) accidentally got a VIP card to enter the club. Yeah, she comes to the Lockwood to help decorating when she really sure that Caroline isn't there. Elena doesn't like her attitude to Caroline and tries her best to break the wall among their friendship. So, she asks her to go somewhere else and fills her in with what happened with Caroline, Mason, Liz and Katherine.
Yeah, it doesn't really work. Bonnie still think that she needs more time to accept what Caroline is now. After the little shock therapy, she comes back to help the Masquarade ball's preparation. Accidentally hits Mason and then, her supernatural's ability is triggered. Stefan realizes it and asks her about what she saw. Bonnie drops a shocking surprise to him about some visions that Mason kissed Elena. Stefan then realizes what we already realized in fifth episode: Mason and Katherine are together.
While, not far from them, Elena's watching Stefan and Bonnie are talking. She notices something is happening, but she couldn't do anything since she and Stefan still pretending that they're on a fight. Damon then just shows up, then with his unique way fill Elena in with what Jeremy did. Elena's trying her best to convince Jeremy that he should stay away from all that happening, but she fails. Now, she's going crazy.
And more when she finds out that Stefan is with Bonnie and Damon after she sent a text message to him. OK, Damon and Stefan are trying to persuade Bonnie to help them with Mason and Katherine. Well, I think fans already have imagination about how she will react. It likes Bonnie says," Are you kidding me? You want me to help you, vampires-my enemies?"
Actually Stefan has a job to convince her since we know that Bonnie is softer with Stefan than with any other vampires (including Caroline). But, Elena calls him because she's dying with her curiosity. She wants to be involved with all of these.
And I like the scene between Damon and Bonnie. He's smarts. I think he will get "A" on psychology class for what he does to Bonnie. All people are opportunistic in some level. If we ask them to do some favor, they will say," What will I get in return? What the benefit?"
I think the same thing apply to Bonnie. Damon just get into her mind and says something, "You don't want to help us? Do you still wanna be a morality police in this town? Mason is werewolf and Katherine is evil. You know that! Is it not enough to provoke you? How about this: Mason plus Katherine equal a threat for Elena!"
Well, she and Elena probably not always in same page in so many things. But, still Elena's her best friend. And she's willing to die for her if she has to. She felt that she already lost Caroline, she can't afford to lose Elena as well. So, she has to join the club.

Poor you, Mason!

The plan is simple. The team is tries to set a situation where Mason is all alone with Bonnie. Not in some sexy evil way, but in normal way. So, our good-hearted Mason sees Bonnie has a problem with a table in a van. He's offering his help and then, Bonnie takes his down with her aneurysm supernatural ability.
The Salvatore brothers then kidnap him and interrogate him in the boarding house. This is a bloody part that probably rip the heart of Mason's fans. Stefan is with Elena, so the interrogator is Damon. And we know what happened with him and Mason. They already hate each other, and Damon's knowing Mason is with Katherine is like that we put fire in a bottle of gasoline. When we throw the bottle, it would explode.
On the first time, what Damon has just anger and hatred. He's trying his best to get information from Mason by torturing him. While, Bonnie already read Mason's mind and knew that the moonstone is on the Lockwood's well. So, she's heading to there.
On the way, she meets Caroline who's offering to help her. Actually, Bonnie doesn't want any help for her. But, she's trying her best to give Caroline a chance. So, both of them are going to the well after Bonnie sent a text message to Stefan.
While Damon starts to applying constant pains into Mason, Jeremy breaks a news to him. He found a herb called Aconitum Vulparia from Alaric's box. And he already did some research with his AT& T phone to find out what the hell is Aconitum Vulparia. Well, some legend said that it will protect human from werewolves, while the other says it's toxic. So, Damon's guesses it's toxic and starts to use it to Mason. Apparently, the herb is likes the vervain for Vampire. It burns his skin and really toxic.
The hot uncle finally gives Damon some explanations, not because he can't take the pain. It because his desperation to Katherine. In my own very awesome opinion, I think he already knows that Katherine's using him. He didn't believe when Katherine said the moonstone could make him back to normal again, and that they will live happily ever after. But, he truly in love with Kat, and he really wants to believe that what she's doing is to save him. He knows that she is up no good in Mystic Falls, that's why he kept the stone is somewhere safe. But, he is torn by his affection to Kat. That's my analysis, you won't hear or see him or any character says it. Pathetic, isn't it?
The surprise things come from Damon. From the anger and hatred for what Mason had done in previous episode, comes an understanding from Damon. He sees that Mason just like he was. "You know, I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version." Damon says.
Well, if we're talking about the same affection that they share, I definitely agree with Damon. But, less dashing, less intelligent version? Come on, dude! At least, he trapped both of you and almost get you killed! With the other people's hands.
So, with the good intention from the bottom of Damon's heart, he concludes that Mason actually wants Damon to kill him. Why? It's all because the curse because the desperate love that he feels and because the tragedy that could be happened if Katherine got the stone. While, he could do nothing to stop her. "She loves me!" Mason desperately convinces himself (in my opinion).
"Oh, I know! I've been where you are. But, Katherine will rip you heart out. Let me do it for her!" Damon says. Well, he literally does it.

Find the moonstone

Stefan directly heads to the well. While without his concern, Elena follows him. After a brief explanation, he jumps to the well. Unfortunately, only to find out that the well is full of vervains. He instantly weakened and burns. What he only could do just screaming to Elena for a help.
We know exactly how she reacts if something happens to Stefan. Luckily, she is being smarter this time and not directly jump to the well. There is a chain next to the well, but she can't lift it up. While she's yelling to Stefan and tries her best with the chain, Caroline shows up with her super speed. Then, Bonnie appears. The trio just like they used to, band together to save Stefan.
Elena with the help of Caroline, goes down to the well with the chain. She's successfully reaches Stefan who already collapses and be burned. Then, after she bonds him with the chain, Caroline lifts him up. Elena decides that while she's on the well, she will try her best to get the stone. Well, she got it, but almost dies because there is a venomous water snake tries to bite her.

Forbes’s quality time

Caroline and Liz spending their time for a mom and daughter's quality time where Caroline could share everything she wants to share. It's heartwarming and also heartbreaking moment. After pretending to hate each other, finally both of them could share their love as a family.
Liz tries to persuade Caroline to not to compel her. She promises that she will keep her as a secret and that she would never do anything to harm her. Caroline knows that she could believe in her mom, and that her mom would accept her for what she is now. But, Liz would never believe in the Salvatore brothers. So, heartbreaking Caroline is compelling her mom while she cries.

Victory becomes a total loss

Damon, oh... Damon, why you always do it to me. I've been writing a good thing for you in previous review. And now I've to say that you're a dumb ass! He sends a text message to Carol with Mason's cell phone. Fakes a farewell and apologize message to inform that Mason's headed back to California because there is an opportunity. After feels that he won with Mason and the moonstone, he thinks that there is not a big deal to fill Katherine in.
So, he provokes Stefan when he says,"Last number dialed. I wonder who that could possible be." Stefan tries to stop him, but he already dial the number. It's Katherine. The short is, Kat little bit surprised when Damon tells her that Mason's heart is across the room. Firstly, Damon says it with the feeling of victory. But, when Katherine says that she already prepares a Plan B, and Plan C and Plan D..probably to plan z if her master plan fail, all smiles on his faces fade away.
Probably Kat doesn't really love Mason. But, in my opinion (again) she likes him and honour him. She probably would kill him after her business with Mason is done, but I think Kat will kill him less painfully and with honorable way. It likes that she would say:"I like you. You're a wonderful man. You deserve a good death." And when she hears that he died in Damon's hand with his heart across the room, probably she's angry now.
Well, she calls Elena who on the kitchen with Alaric and Jenna. Kat fills her doppelganger descendant in with the shocking information. She knows that Stefan and Elena have been creating fake fights. And the information not coming from Caroline, but Aunt Jenna. She easily entering Elena's house, changes the Jenna's vervain jewelry and convinces her to stop drink vervain tea. In other words, Jenna's her spy for days.
When I say she called Elena, Jenna was the person who received the call and talked with Kat for little while. Apparently, she tells Jenna to kill herself. Yes, Jenna stabs herself with a knife.

Plan B

The devastating moment is comes. After Elena knows that Jenna would make it, she's visiting Stefan. The Salvatore brothers already knew the news. Stefan just standing there, feels awful just like usually when something bad happened. Elena feels that what happened to Jenna is their fault because they didn't listening Katherine. And because they have been selfish. So, she decides no matter how she really loves Stefan, but their relationship is over. Stefan knows it, it predictable and what he could do just cries. Don't worry, Stef. We'll figuring it out, I'm in your side. Well, actually on Elena's side.
Devastated and overwhelmed, Elena is struggling to get out from the room. While, there is not only this couple who cry. Damon also devastated. Not because this couple was broken up, but because his stupid action resulted disasters. And all the victories became nothing. He confesses that he's the one who filled Katherine in and tries to apologize for his stupidity to Elena.
Well, doesn't matter anymore for Elena. It's really sound bitter and bad when she says,"It doesn't matter, Damon. She won. Katherine won!"
You probably curious now to find out about the Plan B. Well, the shocking thing is Katherine politely compels Matt and tells him that because she needs a werewolf. And since the last werewolf she had already died, she needs another one. So, Matt has to fight with Tyler and can't stop. "Until?" Katherine sweetly asks the Elena's ex who has eyes that so blue.
"Until he kills me!" Matt answers her.
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