Indonesia Fans : The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 8 Tonight


 Remember : Sunday, 24 Oktober 2010, 23.30 WIB
Update  : My bad. I was trying to predict the schedule like I don't how our TV Channels work. Episode 8th already aired on Saturday probably on 23.30. And on Sunday, episode 9th already aired.
It seems The Vampire Diaries Season 1 now is airing every Sunday at  23.30 WIB after the show "The Casting". So, just stay tune on Trans-7. The last episode was episode 7 "Haunted". If you missed the last episode, read the episode guide to catch up. And if you already watched will be blown up with the episode 8 "162 Candles".

Do you think that what Damon did to Vicky and Elena were cruel ? Well, think again. What he did mean nothing with what he would do on his younger brother birthday.
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