Smallville's executive producers talk about Teri Hatcher


 We already know that Teri Hatcher will be Lois' mom, Ella Lane,  in an upcoming episode titled "Abandoned". The episode airs in November. So, Smallville Executive Producers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders spoke with the press on Friday after a screening of Friday's 200th episode, "Homecoming" about this issue :

"We have our dream list, and that's right up at the top," Peterson said. "The video actually came from a personal story. This actually happened for somebody in the [writers'] room. Her best friend just found out she has a very significant illness and is dying momentarily, so she sat down and made all of these videos for her child. With Ella, was we just pulled that into the show, because it was so heart-wrenching. Then we thought 'Who do you get to play Lois' mom?' Then everybody just looked at each other and it was like, beat, beat... Teri Hatcher! And she's been fantastic," Brian continued. "She was wonderful," Kelly added. "We got to watch the footage yesterday, and all I will say is I watched three takes, and then I had to stop for a while, because it was so heart-wrenching, and she had an incredible performance. It was beautiful."

About having Dean Cain on the tenth season

As for Teri's former Lois & Clark co-star Dean Cain, Brian Peterson shared that he was aware that the former Clark Kent, who played Curtis Knox in "Cure," had recently talked about the notion of returning to Smallville. "We would love to have him back, actually," he said. "I think that may be on his wish as well as ours, so if that happens, that would be fantastic."


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