The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoiler from New York Comic Con 2010

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There are some spoilers were shared on New York Comic Con 2010 held on Sunday, October 10th 2010. This event attended by Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec, Steven R. McQueen, Katerina Graham, Zach Roerig and Sara Canning and the moderator was Carina MacKenzie. provided several spoilers summary for us which taken from various sources :

-Katherine : Did you think that what she had done on previous episodes of Season 2 were cruel? Well,  you totally wrong. We'll see more evil stuff for next couple of episodes that make everything she had done means nothing. Just hear what Julie  had said """Katherine goes super, super game changer in the next episode," Julie teases. "
"Anyone who thinks they’ve got the beat on Katherine is going to be sorely mistaken. I will say that in what they do, they learn just how diabolical she really is. The lengths she’s willing to go to. But when all is said and done, there is a slight element of victory." she added.
Also on the 9th episode, we'll see a flashback about Katherine’s origins in a flashback to Bulgaria, circa 1492. (Well, would we have any chance to hear and see Nina speaks Bulgar?)
Adds exec producer Kevin Williamson, “We go back in time to show a lot about how Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev) came to become who she was. We answer a lot of questions” – including a few burning ones concerning her ties to the Petrova clan, her beginnings as a bloodsucker, and why she’s an undead ringer for Elena.
Kevin also added : ""We have four [flashbacks] planned," Kevin adds. And by Thanksgiving, fans will know exactly why Katherine returned to Mystic Falls thanks to a shocking moment akin to Damon's tomb reveal in season one. "That all explodes over the next four episodes," Julie teases.

-Jeremy : Steven R McQueen said that Jeremy would start to embrace "his destiny" and also set or a face-off with Katherine in the next few episodes.Would he has a better luck with his ring than Uncle John did? Let's hope for the best.
Steven teases, "Jeremy has been pushed around and pushed around, wearing his emotions on his sleeve for so long. You can only have that friction for so long before you get calloused. Now instead of letting all this just happen to him, he’s going to say, "f*** that! I’m gonna take control and take part in this whole thing."
-Bonnie : Bonnie would has a love triangle stuff with a character that we already know and a new character. Julie Plec also says “Bonnie is only one who calls Damon out on the shit he pulls, which is an unpopular opinion with people who believe Damon does no wrong. Damon does wrong!”
-Matt : Zach Roerig says “Matt is just trying to pay the bills, busing tables, eating Easy Mac and a can of peas and keeping his truck running.”Both Jenna and Matt will remain in the dark about the supernatural goings on in Mystic Falls… for now.
-Uncle John : Kevin Williamson also confirmed the possibility of David Anders coming back as Uncle John. They didn’t kill him off because they love David, and there’s still a lot of potential for his story, especially as he’s Elena’s father.
-Kelly Donovan : Julie says Melinda Clarke could be back. The supernatural story they had started for Kelly Donovan (see the deleted footage on the DVD for A Few Good Men) felt ‘too soon’.
-Lexi :Arielle Kebbel could also make a return as Stefan’s best friend, Lexi. Maybe it's a flashback scene with Stefan.
-Damon Julie Plec also says “I think by the time the show is over, Damon will have had sex with every man, woman and child in Mystic Falls.”No comment....

About following Buffy and Supernatural

There is a small spoiler about the possibility that the storyline on The Vampire Diaries will following the other supernatural TV Series such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Supernatural storyline pattern :
“The Vampire Diaries” may lend itself to a “monster-of-the-week” structure.
Though this won’t be established until much further down the road, Plec says that the show may take a different approach at some point, similar to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Supernatural.”
“Eventually, there’s going to be a formula that will grow out of the show and the storytelling that’ll be a little bit more amenable to the monster of the week, the demon of the week,” she says. “But until then we’re going to keep building one brick at a time.”


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