Nina Dobrev talks about Elena, Katherine and her own personality


Well, I always curious about Nina's personality and how much she differs and similar with Elena and or Katherine. Finally, my questions are answered on the interview between Girl's Life and Nina Dobrev. In the interview, she talks a lot about her childhood, high school, her nickname.

And also how she channels Katherine's personality and which Salvatore brother she would like to date in a real life. Curious ? Just read it by yourself.....

GL : Let’s start from the beginning-tell us about growing up in Canada

Nina : I moved to Toronto when I was 2. I had a pretty regular fun kid’s life. I have an older brother (Aleksander), and I was the annoying little sister who wanted to follow him everywhere and do everything he did. I played a lot of sports. I got in the way, got a lot of bruises, but it was cool. I was a tomboy!

GL : Were your parents strict?
Nina : My parents gave us chores and wanted us to work for everything. We never got anything handed to us. I got my first car. I learned that if I want something in my life, I have to take necessary steps and measures to achieve what I want.

GL : How was high school ?
Nina : I was always trying to dip my finger into 50 jars and play sports-gymnastics, volleyball and basketball for a while-do really well on high school, be the captain. I was an over-achiever, sometimes to my detriment. When you try to do too much, you’re sort of good at everything, but you don’t really excel in one specific thing the way that you’d like to. That’s something that I’ve  struggled with thorough my life. I take on a lot more than is realistic.

GL : Did you have any  nickname growing up ?
Nina : My mom used to call me “Ninche” which is Bulgarian form of endearment. My friends heard this in elementary school, and started calling me “Ninja”. There were making fun of me! These days, people call me “Looch.” It means little cute one in Italian.

GL : Do you keep a diary like your character on TVD ?
Nina : I wish! I did when I was younger. It’s funny to look back and read things that at the time were so important and now seem trivial-boys, mean kids, friend drama, trying to do well in school and not getting the Barbie doll playhouse I really wanted.

GL : After Degrassi, you ventured into TVD, where you play both good and evil. Was it a good change?
Nina : it’s really refreshing and wonderful. It’s not easiest job in the world, but I love challenge. I definitely connect to Elena more! I’m not maniacal killer. I’m nocturnal either. Elena is just a girl trying to figure out her way.

GL : What helps you channel Katherine?
Nina : Hair, makeup and wardrobe! When you physically transform like that, you become a different person with the way you walk, the way you talk. There’s a swagger, a confidence, a playfulness and a freedom about it. It’s very liberating!

GL : It must awesome working with Paul (Wesley) and Ian (Somerhalder).
Nina : They’re like my big  brothers. They really look out for me. We’re like a family.

< GL : Which Salvator brother is more your type : Damon or Stefan ? Nina : I can’t really say if either of their characters is someone I would like to date in real life, but they both have attractive qualities. It’s nice to have someone solid and dependable, but there’s something exciting about bad boy, too. Maybe a mix?


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