The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 4 Memory Lane Review



Nina on the set, filming "Memory Lane"

Wow, I was speechless. I think I understand why this episode became one of Nina's favourite episode. This episode is equal with the premiere. But completely on the other side.

What I could do when I watched this episode just saying, "What the fu*k!" several times. It was my rude version from "Oh my God!" expression and I also have goose bumps several times. Not because it scared me, but because this episode shocked me.

So, when I finished watch this episode, I couldn't think anything else than "Wow, I've to share it on my blog." But, I hesitated because it contains so many spoilers. If I just throw it to you, it will ruin the surprises. So, I'm not kidding. If you are a person who likes to be surprised and will be upset if someone tells you about the end of the story. This article is not for you. Seriously!!

Katherine and Stefan

Memory Lane is all about Katherine's point of view. I already predicted on my other article that probably Katherine really loves the Salvatore brothers with her sick love. Well, I'm right. But, in other hand I was wrong. Apparently, she really able to love, but not for both of the Salvatore brothers. Just one. At least that what I know from this first layer of her secrets. I'm really sure that there are many more.

So, when she said that it was always be Stefan, she did not fuc*ing lied about it. She manages to get some quality times with Stefan, so she told Caroline to occupy Elena. To make this girl stay away for her boyfriend, while Katherine just alone with Stefan.

As we knew some parts of what Katherine is, we can't expect some gushy and cheap moment between them. Katherine did it on her typical way. First, she is screwing up Stefan's dream with put some worse dream he could ever dream: Elena's happy with Damon. While Stefan could do nothing. And with some strong words, Katherine says:"It hurts, doesn't it? Now, you know how I feel."

She expresses what she feels when she sees Stefan with Elena for all this time. Stefan wakes up, and realizes that was just a nightmare. What he doesn't realize is that the woman on his bed isn't Elena. But, it just a matter of time until he gets there.

I could babbling about the complete storyline, but it won't be nice. While I'm writing this review, I'm really trying to find out how I could deliver the essence of this episode to you. The point of this episode is Katherine's trying to convey her message.

She's doing it with shares to Stefan something that happened back on 1864. Where everything had started. Or let's say, she shared some of her dirty secrets and what truly happened at that moment.

The truths and threats

First, she never compelled his loves for her. Whatever his feeling at the time was real and so hers. She only compelled him to take away his fear from the reality that Katherine wasn't an innocent angel like what he thought.

You know, when Katherine confesses that she got overwhelmed when Stefan confessed his love after the Founder's Ball event, I was amazed. For all this time, I thought she was lied about everything and just trying to toy the Salvatores.

So, Katherine emphasizes to Stefan why she came back. She wants what she wants and she doesn't fuck*g care how she will get it. She wants him, and she'll get him. If it means that she has to kill every living things on this town, she would do it.

She shows him a prove. It backs to 1864, when she sold her vampires friends without even blinking. Only to fake her own death. And also the fact that she didn't need to be saved by The Salvatore brothers. Stefan is angry and can't believe on how sadistic she was.

Without hesitation, she just says that she could do whatever she wants. There are no boundaries, no limitations of what she could or couldn't do. So, she warns "I don't want you seeing Elena anymore. If you don't remove her from your life, I will kill everyone that she loves while she watches. And then I will kill her while you watch."

After that she just leaves. Although Stefan had injected with vervain. Well, she has been practicing for 145 years to be a vervain-proof vampire. Ah, and there is Elena who worry after her boyfriend didn't return her calls, so she's trying to make sure that everything is OK.

Finally, what I'm waiting for. Katharina Petrova and Elena come face-to-face. When Elena sees her ancestor, what came out for her mouth just a simple question: "How could it possible...we are so look alike?" She's not even remember anything else like Stefan, or her early purposed came on the boarding house.

She shocks and trembles while her doppelganger ancestor watching her with her menace face, touch her neck smoothly. And says a very simple line, "You asked a wrong question!"

When Stefan shows up, Katherine has gone just in a second.

Another things that happened

Damon and Mason
While Stefan busy with his ex-girlfriend. Damon and Alaric trying to expose the truth about Mason Lockwood during the barbecue event that held on Jenna's house. While Elena invites Caroline. You know what? I never intended to create an impression that I'm a Damon-hater.

I like him, and just waiting the moment when I can say,"Finally you're doing a great thing, Damon. What the hell you been for all this time?" Unfortunately, I've to say,"Oh, Damon! You just did it again!"
It's probably his fourth mistakes during this season.

Mason actually realizes what Damon's true intention and saying an apologize about the previous event. You know, where he turned into a wolf and almost killed Stefan and Caroline. He also says that he's not Damon's enemy and doesn't want to make any trouble. "Hey, Damon.. I know you are a vampire.. but I'm not your enemy. So, why we are not be friends now?" That's what he's trying to say.

But, our Damon seems not really understand about people's statements. Just like he didn't understand a very clear statement that Elena had said before about their relationship. So, after the barbecue event, he stabs Mason with a silver knife. Thinks that the werewolf already dead, he prepares to get rid of his body.

But, apparently Mason just fine, wakes up and angry. And he says, "I was really looking forward to last call. Now you made an enemy."

I understand that Damon just trying to be careful about werewolves things. I mean they are eternal enemies, and Damon just can't believe what Mason was said. And he tried his best to protect himself and Stefan.

Caroline and Elena
Well, as a Katherine's new little minion, Caroline trying her best to occupy Elena. She also poison her with several truth that Elena doesn't want to hear. Several bitter truth such as that Elena's a constant temptation for Stefan. That he always tempted to bite her neck and drain her blood.

When her attempt to occupy Elena failed, she's still trying the best with another bitter truth when they are going to boarding house, "What's the rush? Why are you hurrying to get to a relationship that'll never work? You're human. He's a vampire. You're going to be 70 and in diapers. And he's still gonna be smoking hot. And you will never have his children, Elena. And you are too maternal to not have children."

I know that it sounds cruel to say, what she says it in the funny way. She now be a really funny girl, from "he's still gonna smoking hot" to "dog with a tutu..".

The ending 
Both Stefan and Elena realize that Katherine's threat is real and she wouldn't hesitate for a second to do it. So, they have fight at Mystic Grill, in front of Caroline. Trying to convince everybody that they break up.

I probably have watched this episode for the third time. Then, I have a doubt about what Katherine had said to Stefan. Could she lie since every flashbacks on this episode were according to her perspective? But, at the end of episode, there was Katherine. Just alone and staring at the moon. She remembers her last kiss with the dead Stefan. There is no one in the wood, just her and a dead-Stefan (who really dead). She said the truth about her feeling and made a promise. And now she just wants to keep her promised.

Well, I'm surprised that she still remembers the kiss that happened 145 years ago. That is the scene that really convinced me about Katherine's feeling. I think it's because there is nobody that she must convince. Except that she tried to manipulate the viewers too.

By the way, there are still some secrets that I'm not share to you. So, I hope there are still some elements that will surprise if you're not watch it yet. So, what do you think?


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