Why Isobel thinks Elena's doomed with a Salvatore in each arm?


Will Elena's doomed with a Salvatore in each arm?

Response to Katherine Welsh’s article

I’ve read an interesting article yesterday, written by Katherine Welsh. It’s entitled Countdown to The Return: What Wrong with a Salvatore in each arm? (You could find the link to the article at the end of this article). She wrote an argument why Isobel was wrong about her opinion when she said that Elena’s doomed if she has a Salvatore in each arm.

Isobel asked John to not only kills all the tomb vampires, but also the Salvatore. She said that this was not a life that she wants for her daughter. And that they owe her. Well, I thought she was a bit*h, but turn out is just her way to reject Elena. A desperate mother who regrets her selfish decision to be a vampire, and notices that her biological daughter want to start a relationship with her. It seems has a relationship with human isn’t a good idea for Isobel. So, what the best way to reject a hungry of love girl than makes her hate you?
OK, back to the article. Katherine wrote the positive impact that Salvatore brothers give to Elena’s life. Each with a different positive impact. The article is interesting because it’s the female’s point of view about Elena, makes me understand about what Elena needs as a girl and how each Salvatore fulfill those needs.
She said that with Stefan, Elena though feels secure, she also has an obligation to look perfect. And only be an object to be protected. While with Damon, she has more equal position because Damon not always sees her as a person who needs a protection. And also that Elena could be herself with Damon, without has to look perfect.
Well, that just parts of her opinions and I agree with that. The problem is, the article was not fair. She spelled out the negative impact that Stefan could give to Elena, but skipped what the negative impact that Damon could give to her. I know that Damon showed his little humanity sides on several last episodes. And we conclude that Elena has changes this self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities into a vampire with little humanities sides.
But, we forget that these little changes, not necessarily made Damon into something completely different. I think Elena and Stefan still look him as self-serving psychopath, but now with a little redeeming quality. Not good enough to be a teenage girl’s boyfriend. And also, Elena could be herself in front of Damon, without has to be perfect girl because Damon sees that Elena has a good and bad sides. I agree, but I think he’s not a responsible vampire and don’t care about good side at that time. He turned off his humanities. So, why he cares if an underage girl get drunk? Elena shows her flaws and it didn’t affect him, and just make him happy because at that time it’s exactly what he want. The bad Elena makes Stefan sad, and it means Damon succeed to make his brother suffer.
I think what Isobel afraid was not only about the personal impact which each Salvatore could give to Elena, but also about the triangle love story effect for her. As a mother, she concerns that the threesome things could ruin her daughter’s life, especially when Elena still trying to establish her life. She has enough problems with her parents’ died, Jeremy and all those shocking secrets. Can she bear these threesome stuffs?
Katherine herself be a victim of her own game. She supposed to be fun with the Salvatore, but her plan to keep them for herself finally turned against her. She almost died or locked for more than a century. And her fellows vampires also suffered because of her game. Maybe Katherine did not exactly the person who people described about. She could be really love both of Salvatore with her sick love. And probably, she shared some information to Isobel especially about these brothers and about their influences.
It’s too early to determine the end of this threesome things. And the most important thing, whoever Elena chooses, as long as she be happy with her decisions, it’s no problem with me. Whether it’s Damon or Stefan.


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