Hidden Passion Episode 46


Oscar doesn't want to lose Jimena

Franco gets home in time to call an ambulance, while Jimena confesses to Norma that she nearly killed Oscar. Leandro is pissed off when Oscar is late, calls to the Reyes' house and learns about the accident. He and Ruth then go to hospital. Oscar really scares if he would lose his wife. Norma and Jimena are feeling aimless and they don't want to back to the Elizondo hacienda. Emily who is worries because Norma didn't come home and called her, call the Reyes' house. Quintina tells her about the accident, then Emily goes to the Elizondo hacienda.
In hospital, Franco is waiting with his older brother. Emily arrives at the hacienda and tells them about what happened. Eva feels guilty and also thinks that she has an obligation about what the Reyes did. She finally tells them the truth about the Reyes, Libia and what their true intention (or what she thinks is what their true intention now). All that she did because Gabriela gave her daughter, Ruth, to be adopted by other family.


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