Chace Crawford refuses to date another celebrities


Differs with most of the other actors, Chace Crawford, 24, doesn't have any interest to start a love relationship with his other co-workers. The handsome actor who is known have been closed with a country singer, Carrie Underwood. But, his relationship has over.

And because that, if he could choose, the actor from popular TV Series "Gossip Girl" will be happy if he could date an ordinary girl. "I'm not interested to date another celebrities. For me, dating an ordinary girl is a refresher," Chace says to Showbizspy.

Chance finally reveals his secret that for all this time he often "surfing" on the Internet, only for dating an ordinary girl. "I have a lot of personal chatting accounts that people don't know," this young actor who admits that he's a faithful man confesses.

OK, girls, what are you waiting for? Create your personal chatting account, and let's hope that you could chat with Chace...


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