Hidden Passion Episode 47


Juan doesn't want to lose his baby or Norma

Gabriela and Fernando arrive at the Reyes' house. They are looking Norma and Jimena. Martin speaks to Eva and says that he thinks that he knows how his daughter is. But, apparently he's wrong.
Norma and Jimena arrive at the ranch and learn about what happened and Eva's betrayal. But, they still ask the same thing from their mother. They want Gabriela respects their decisions and their independence. They don't want to be dominated by Gabriela again. Fernando insists to sue the Reyes and Eva. But, Jimena and Norma against the idea because they are still linked with Juan and Oscar.
Meanwhile, Juan comes to Emily to ask about Norma and learns that she is OK. He insists that he won't back down because he doesn't want to lose his baby and Norma.
Sarita advises Fernando to convince Norma to sue the Reyes. In other side, Jimena says to Norma that she will go to hospital and surprises Oscar when he awakes. While Gabriela still tries to convince her daughter, Norma, to cancel the divorce and back to Fernando.


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