Danna Garcia talked about Bella Calamidades, boyfriend and wedding


-Most people know about Danna Garcia's carrier, but just few of people who know about her personal life since she hides it. After she finished to film the telenovela Bella Calamidades, Teleprograma.TV interviewed her in 2010. In the interviewed, Danna Garcia talked several things such as her ex-boyfriend Mauritius Ochmann, and about her desire to leave the telenovela for temporary.

-  What do you think about Lola?

She is a pure, beautiful, clean, noble, honest woman, who has never harmed anyone. Her actions are intended to do good to others, but people do not understand well. It is a misunderstood.

- Have your life been experiencing so many misfortunes like Lola?

No, certainly not! I've been lucky

- What the similarity between you and Lola?

An actor has to make the personality who he/she will play become as real as possible. The similarity between us is I'm very sensitive just as Lola.

- How about her love to her father?

Yes. She worships him, who dies in the first chapter, for me, the most important is the family I have ever had. Everything changes in life, things come and go, but they still stand next to me. Oh, and I've always been nomadic, like her, living from house to house. I jump from one country to another.

-Does this production has a special meaning for you?

The more I play this character, the more I understand her. And I also see that my commitment to contribute something is something important. It's a priority. So, I don't like them who are being found in extreme situations such as drug trafficking.

-Was it true that there are several young man as the candidates for Bella Calamidades, but you didn't fell any chemistry with them?

No, I was not in the selection process, because it was made in Colombia when I was in Mexico. So for me Segundo Cernadas (photo) was the only one. We only recorded the pilot episode with Christian Meier, but I didn't know why, it was dismissed.by the company.

- What you miss when you work?

In the last production I felt very lonely because my family lives in America and I was in Colombia.

- Surrounded by love in Telenovelas, how about your real life?

I dream of Prince Charming, but as my friends say:" Locked in a recording studio, who'll know? ". But I know that someday come.

-The romances between colleagues are something common today ...

It's easy to make mistakes and think that the actors have similar personalities with their character in Telenovelas, but I have been learning to differ it. Although I had a boyfriend actor: Mauricio Ochmann. It was twelve years ago

- What kind of person whom you will fall in love with?

I like intelligent men, who can admire a sense of humor and like adventure, travel ...

- Are you concerned about being single?

No one took almost a year and I'm quiet.

-When talking about wedding, would you like it like just like in  some telenovela scenes?

I have married many times in telenovelas. So, I dream about white dress and a party in style.


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