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Zharick Leon is a Columbian actress, best-known for her role as Rosario Montez on popular telenovela, Pasion de Gavilanes (Passion of Hawk in the USA and Hidden Passion in several countries). Yodibujo.es had interviewed her on September 16th, 2009.

In the interview, she was talking about her pregnancy and her relationship with boyfriend for eleventh months, Martin Karpan. When the interview was being held, it was two months before her baby son born.

Although there are many consequences for being a pregnant woman and a future mom, Zharick thought that it was something inevitable and enjoyable experience. In this interview, we also can see her photos that had been taken during her pregnancy time, which indisputable made her as one of the sexiest mothers in Colombia. Enjoy the interview:

Zharick Leon and her boyfriend

When you started to aware about your pregnancy?

Since mid-November ... One day I felt a horrible bloating and went to the bathroom to vomit. Drink water with lemon, I returned to the set and I started feeling sick. I went to the doctor and he ordered a thousand tests, least of pregnancy ... Days passed and my period never came and there they alarmed me because I had always been regular.

There were rumors in the middle ...

Yes, Marisela confirmed to me, my manager, but I told him that people were very gossipy and malicious. However, when asked if I was pregnant, gave me a twinge in my stomach, I felt like a vacuum ... Although I was reassured because the device was placed.

Did you discuss it with Martin?

Yes, the next day I said, 'fine, I have a delay. " He asked me how long it was and I said barely a day. He bought three pregnancy testing, different brands, and put on the table. After lunch, I went to the bathroom and I made me and all three were positive.

How did you react?

I pulled the machines, I ran, I just screamed, I began to mourn, I laughed, I hugged him, let him go, I said, 'My God, what should I do. " For a second they went through my head all the commitments he had, the film El Arriero and a novel in Miami, but then I calmed down.

Have you wanted to be a mom?

Yes, as the past two years I had thought. My sister has two children and my best friend one and I thought how great it would be to have a child, go to the park as a happy family with dad, mom and baby in the car ...

What did Martin react?

His face looked full of compassion and love, it was as if he had just won the ballot. I said, 'You want to be a dad, I want to be a mom' and he said he supported me in everything. We hug, we kiss we also had tears in his eyes was unforgettable.

Has life changed much?

I always said that when I was pregnant, wanted to be relaxed, travel and give myself all the tranquillity and peace that my baby will need and I did it. I rested and travelled a lot.

How did your family take the news?

My mother and my brothers were very happy, although I looked like weirdo, because I always have been such as a working woman dedicated to my career goals, but I got time to do the best and I am enjoying.

Did you find the father of the baby?

I think as a woman always has the illusion that the person who leaving them could be the father of their babies. I've always been fall in love and have loved with all my heart to those who have been at my side.
But when I met Martin I really said, 'this could be a perfect dad for my baby' ... 'One day I told him and he said' oy, I honor you, but I do not want children for now. "

What convinced him?

I did not do it. Later we talked about it twice, I remember that one was in a taxi, and I repeated that it was very cute that he wanted to be to be the father of my children. But he was serious. Shortly after he returned to say that we should have a baby. I gave a green light, I felt that I was given permission and bam!

Have it changed your relationship?

Yes, we have strengthened and made us mature a lot. I feel supercompenetrada with him, sure, I really loved and protected.
In the first quarter was a bit of fear and doubts about life, but we talked a lot and we understood that we were going to be a family. Now any conversation is half.

Did you enjoy living together as a couple?

Everything was so perfect, that sometimes even I think so. We have so much harmony; coexistence has been the best I have experienced.

Why were you keep distances from media?

It is my instinct and my body had asked to be isolated. I like hibernating. This has been a good season spa I have been with the baby. I take yoga and meditation and exercise.

Is it easy to see that your hips widen and your belly is growing huge?

I could not wait to see me and my body ... The first few months saying, 'Look, I shout' and Martin told me, "Do not you see anything, you're pulling your belly." Before, I liked looking in the mirror, but since I'm pregnant every day I watch three times a day, taking pictures and everything is wonderful and I feel proud.

And the first kicks?

Were at the end of the fourth month and at that moment I realized I really had a baby inside.

And the name of Luciano, where it came from?

We bought a book of fifty thousand names and we went to all Internet sites. But I wanted one that we came to one agreement about it. So, one day we chose Luciano and so we stayed with it.

It was rumoured that the baby would be born in Buenos Aires ...

We contemplate that possibility, but my family and my friends are here. Although two months later, we are going to know whether or not this baby born in Buenos Aires.

Do you have any fear of the birth?

Before I thought of giving birth and died of fright, but now I just want to see, feel, look, explore every bit of my body ... And I'm very positive that my delivery will be perfect.

How did the story with Martin?

After finishing my last relationship (with Diego Cadavid), I wanted to travel to visit my best friend in Spain. I could not because my visa had expired and I ended up visiting Martin, it was just my friend had a special chemistry but nothing else.

What vacation?

Divine, we fall a bit there and met my in-laws. Then he came to Colombia to work and we ennoviamos.

How do you define this love?

I feel full support as a woman who had never experienced with my other boyfriends. It is peace, tranquillity, tenderness, and I know there will always be there. Every day I feel more in love with him and do not want to lose that ever.

Will you be a full-time mom?

I decided to be Mom and I will be, I will not bear one more child in the world and I'm going to devote the time that I deem necessary.

How about your works?

If it comes to presenting a project that I've dreamed a lot, my son would charge like a kangaroo, but I want to be close to him during the two or three years.

Want more children?

I would like to have another child to feel this again, the magic, the wonder of being a mom.

And what does Martin think about it?

We see ourselves as a happy family and always ask the angels to heaven and that we are united, loving every day, all three in our little bubble. I am in a beautiful house, full of green, with Luciano and running around happily in love with Martin and the baby and also think of the second.

What about marriage?

Married in the church or any religion is not my dream. But I would like to have a meeting with friends to celebrate love. So we talked to Martin.


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