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Once again, we would see more about Katherine. Who she was and why she became what she is. This episode, just like the previous episode, gives us several answers. But, it leaves us with more questions. It’s not provide us all answers that we are seeking.
How do you feel when you know that your existence, and life cause a deathly danger for all people that you love or ever loved? How do you feel after you knew that what is happening for all this time is because you? And not because somebody else? Well, that is the bitter fact that Elena knows.
And for Katherine. How diabolic she is, she was a selfish girl who would do anything to preserve her life. It betters you who die than her.

The Petrova’s past

The episode begins with a devastated moment for Katerina Petrova. Back to Bulgaria, 1490. Just right after Katerina gave birth her baby girl, she just took away from Katerina. It’s because what she did and her pregnancy is a shame for her family. Something that can’t be tolerated for that time.

I knew that Nina speaks Bulgar and France since she was a kid. She has been living with cultures duality as a person who was born as Bulgarian and life as Canadian. And finally, I have a chance to hear her Bulgar accent. I’ve never seen Katerina cries and looks so helpless like this moment. Well, actually it’s hard to believe that this woman had a human feeling. And Nina just played it very well.

Klauss and the originals

What not I told on the previous review is that Rose actually came into the boarding house. She showed up to Stefan and offered a help. She had been running for 500 years, and was trying hard to survive. It’s all because Trevor. But, her best friend now is dead. She sick of running, and she’s revengeful.

So, The Salvatore brothers think that they need to tell Elena about what will happen or the possibility about what will happen. Elena just sits there, and she’s listening Rose, Damon and Stefan filling her in about Klauss. The oldest vampire from the first generation and he’s looking after Elena. Elena’s reaction actually weird. She doesn’t freak out or panic. She just..silent and upsets? And then, she decides to leave and goes to school.

And the triangle love story begins....


Jeremy asks Bonnie to hang out with him at the Grill, shoot some pool, etc. Bonnie’s reaction is funny and weird as well. "Why?" she asks. Then, she adds,"Well, you never asked me to play a game of pool before. Why now?"
Actually if we think it more, Bonnie wouldn’t react in the way she reacts right now. Just think about it, there is nothing weird if your best friend’s younger brother asks you to hang out or helps him do something. Even if you are never doing something together because it could be just he wants a little help for you. And for the all things, you are his older sister’s best friend.
Except that you think something else in your mind like Bonnie does. What I mean is she thinks that either she or Jeremy hopes something else could be happened than just a friendship. Or she’s afraid that it turns into something than a friendship. And it becomes weird because he is Elena’s younger brother. And how about Jeremy? I don’t really know actually.
Then, here he is. A new charming boy named Luka, asks them about where the office is. There is something that already happened between Bonnie and Luka.
Looked Elena’s faces previously and how she reacts, I fell something weird. Well, it later reveals that she’s trying to do something dangerous. And she’s hiding her plan from everybody else. The one that she’s involved in her "dirty secret plan" is Caroline. She forces Caroline to help her and to occupy Stefan as long as possible. She also forces her to promise not tell anyone about her plan.
They are heading to the tomb. Elena decides that she will facing her doppelganger ancestor and demands answers. That’s Elena whom I know. Always be that strong headed girl, always be that determined girl. A fighter. It’s better to have the answers and die in a fight than do nothing. Will she successful?

The Petrova group discussion

Well, if you notice Elena is a Gilbert. But, she has some qualities that the Gilberts don’t have. And we would see that right now. Caroline lifts the stone door that locks the tomb. Elena then wants Caroline to leave her alone with Katherine. Caroline hesitates, but then decides to do what Elena wants.

It just Katherina and Elena right now. The ancestor and her descendant. Katherine’s skin starts to look pale, she’s already dying. But, still a bit*h if you ask me. We all know that Katherine won’t give anything to Elena if she doesn’t get anything in return. Elena knows it very well too. She’s brought her human blood in a bottle.
Now, Elena mocks her ancestor about the reality that she will mummify and dying. She needs blood and Elena has it. It’s up to Katherine. Will she keep her arrogance and dies or starts to tell the truth for the blood?
The conversation between Katerina and Elena is spread into several scenes. But, I will summarize them into one part. So, Katerina finally gives up and decides to give what Elena wants to know. "You have a Petrova fire!" Katerina says to Elena.
Katerina was disowned by her family because she had a baby out of wedlock. The same. Her baby was giving away for adoption just right after she gave a birth. And then, she was banished to England where she met Klauss for the first time. Two years later (1492), she found out what Klauss is and what he wanted from her. So, she ran like hell. Trevor helped her and suggested that she should go to see Rose.
Without Rose and Trevor knew, she managed to trick them. She used Trevor’s love for her to help her ran from Klauss. And used Rose’s blood to turn her from a human into a transition process. Then, she’s hanged herself and dead. Rose finally noticed about her manipulation and tried to kill her, but she used the old woman (the house owner where Rose stayed) as her shield. When the old woman died, she drank her blood. "Please understand, better you die than I!" Katerina said.
OK, Elena understands that she has a diabolic vampire ancestor. But, when she knows what she had done when she was a human. It’s still surprise her. Well, Katerina defenses herself, says that she’s always looking out for herself. It’s always better other people die than her.
Why did she have turned herself into a vampire? Apparently, the curse was bound in the First Petrova’s blood. The doppelganger is created as a way for both vampires or werewolves to break the curse. But these two sides need a human doppelganger. A vampire doppelganger is useless for both sides.
What Katerina explains confirm several things from the previous episode "Rose". First, Katerina is a doppelganger of the First Petrova. Who is the first Petrova? Well, it’s not reveal yet. Although there was a spoiler from  Julie Plec about it. Turned herself as a vampire apparently not save her ass. Klauss was furious and decided to revenge to Katerina. And now, she has another human doppelganger, Elena.
Second, there is one way out for Elena. She has to die and becomes a vampire. But, of course it only a temporary way out.

Damon and Rose try to find a way out for Elena 


OK, he has said that he doesn’t deserve Elena. But, he still loves her. And when Damon loves someone or something, he will do anything to protect her. I have to say something about how the Salvatore brothers handle the situation. Both of them are stupid.
They are stupid if they believe that Elena is OK just because Elijah’s dead. Elijah isn’t dead, and I think Klauss is real. They play a role as tough guys and try hard to convince her that everything is alright. Everything isn’t alright. The threat is real. When you read to the end of this review, you would understand what I’m talking about.
Damon asks Rose to help him find a way to track Klauss. She brings him to her vampire friend, Mr. I know everything, Slater. When I call him as Mr. I know everything, it’s not because he’s a smart ass vampire. He really knows almost everything. He knows about Damon before they meet each other. He knows about the tomb under the Church. The originals, Klauss, the sun and moon curse and every mythology that we already know.
Don’t be so surprise. He has been attending various colleges since 1974 and gets 18 degrees, three masters and four Ph.D, which somehow made Damon pissed and uncomfortable. When they discuss why the originals want to break the curse and how to stop them, Elijah watches them. And when Slater starts to share some "secrets" info, Elijah stops them with coins that he throws to window with a super speed. His action cause an explosion effect and almost kill Rose and Slater when the UV penetrates the cafe. When Damon tries to find out whom attack them, Elijah is already gone.

Why Katerina came back to Mystic Falls

There are several scenes among the scenes above. Caroline try to occupy Stefan by telling him that she had told Tyler about what she is. I thought that Stefan cares her just because she is Elena’s best friend. But, Stefan actually cares for her because somehow this young girl reminds him with Lexi.

In other hand, Bonnie meets Luka and his father, Dr. Jonas Martin when she is waiting for Jeremy at the Grill. They move from Louisiana and apparently Dr. Martin knows the other Bennets when they lived on Massachusset. It later reveals that both of them are warlocks. They aware about what a Bennet capable of, and Luka explains to Bonnie that they just want to fit in. That they don’t want to bring any trouble.
In other hand, Elena finally understands why Katerina came back to Mystic Falls. She just like Rose and Trevor, wants to make an arrangement with Klauss. How? To break the curse, they need a werewolf (initially it was Mason, but now it’s Tyler), a witch (initially it was Lucy, but now it’s Bonnie) and a vampire ( it could every vampire, but then Katerina chose Caroline). And of course Elena and the stupid rock, moonstone.
Stefan finally finds out where Elena is. When they are talking, Katerina drops the final bomb. Klauss is a rancorous vampire. It’s not enough for him to kill Katerina for what she did. He also slaughtered her entire family. Whatever they try to do, and even if they successful to run away for him, they put everyone on a deadly danger.
Slater who previously ran away for the cafe, calls Rose and tells her if they want to prevent the originals from breaking a curse, they need a moonstone and a witch. I suspicious with how Slater tells them. It finally reveals that Elijah compels him and asks Slater to kill himself. Wait a minute, we know that a vampire couldn’t compel supernatural creatures whether those are another vampires or werewolves. Well, apparently the rule doesn’t apply to Elijah ’cause he’s one of the originals.

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  1. sarah said...:

    I have not been able to watch every show of Vampire Dairies which is highly upsetting. Now I have got TV everywhere and have the abilities to watch every show I want. Working for DISH has been a great benefit for me. I am to watch TV on my Android and now I can catch up on everything that was going on with Katerina.

  1. Ranu said...:

    @ Sarah
    thanks for your comment. I guess watching on Android must be different with watching on your TV. So, I'm curious about it. Can you share your experience? Like, can you save the episodes and transfer it on computer? Or you just watch it online.

    By the way, the last episode of The Vampire Diaries was really great. We could see Katerina helped Elena.

  1. Colleen Dixon said...:

    Just wondering who played Slater in Season 2, episode 9? I can't figure out why he looks so familiar and its driving me crazy! LOL

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