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 This episode provides us several answers and also made me scare, literally. Why? Well, Katherine is a bad ass vampire, probably stronger than all the vampires that we have seen from the first season until 7th episode of Season 2. But, now I really understand why she's running and from who. Compare with those vampires, she is nothing. I know that after see what this vampire, one of the originals capable of.

And when we are talking about The Vampire Diaries, there are always several heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. This episode is not an exception.

The doppelgangers and the originals

Trevor, a 500 year old vampire, compelled someone to kidnap Elena. Then, he brought her to an empty house, 300 miles from Mystic Falls. And in that house, Elena meets another 500 years old vampire, Rose.

They kidnap her for one reason. What the reason? They want to use her as a bargaining tool to Elijah. One of the originals. One of the first families. Who the hell are the originals aka the first family? What the hell these things have something to do with Elena? Easy, guys!

Let's discuss it! First, Trevor had pissed them off a half millennium ago when he decided to believe on Katerina Petrova and helped her run for her destiny. Rose as his best friend has his back. And so, the first family want them to die.

Katerina is the first and the only one Petrova's doppelganger. That's what Rose says. And now, there is Elena, Katherine's doppelganger. With the combination of moonstone and Elena's blood, the werewolves and vampires curse will be broken. In other words, Elena's death will set they free.

Wait. I have question: Does it mean that Katherine is someone's doppelganger? And now she has Elena as her doppelganger. So there are two doppelgangers? And because Katherine has been running from her destiny, is Elena replace her place?

Road trip to rescue Elena

It's Jeremy who notices that Elena is missing. First time, he thought that she's with Stefan. But, when he asks Stefan, both of them finally suspicious.

Damon tells Stef about what Katherine had said before. It provokes Stefan so this vampire wants to talk with Katherine. Of course, Damon refuses this idea. Katherine won't tell them anything, not if she doesn't get anything in return. When Stefan tells his idea to Bonnie, the first time she agreed with Damon. She's offering him another plan.

Using Jeremy's blood, Bonnie tries to track Elena. When they know the location, Jeremy offers his help to Stefan, but he refuses it. Damon finally shows up and is offering his help. Not to help his brother, but for Elena.

So, with Alaric's weapon arsenal, they go to the place where Elena's captured. They don't have any clue about whom has her. But, Damon has prediction that he or she probably someone from Katherine's past. So, in other words, they know that there is a possibility that they come only to give their life away. This rescue actually is a suicide mission.

And this scene also reminds me on something. Something with a car, two brothers and a road trip. Hey, I remember, the Winchester Brothers... Unfortunately the writers not create any parody on this episode. Come on, Supernatural mocks every TV Series and movies. They mocked Smallville, Twilight and I don't know what a very funny way.

Caroline and Tyler

Tyler knows that Caroline knows about something. He confuses and scares. He needs a help and he thinks that Caroline is the one who could give him an answer that he's looking for. So, he keeps pushing her while Caroline keeps dodging him. Until on the point when she couldn't dodge him anymore and reveals her own secret. She breaks Damon's prohibition when he didn't allow her to be friend with Tyler and tells him about vampires. I'm suspicious about Damon's reaction. Did it some attempt to save his own ass or he starts to care about Caroline when he said earlier that werewolves bite is deadly?

Bonnie and Jeremy

There was a spoiler that in this season Bonnie will have some triangle love story with one character that we know and a new character. After episode 7 "Masquerade", I thought that it would be Jeremy and Sarah. But, Sarah is dead.

But, I still think that it would be Jeremy and Bonnie. And someone new. Bonnie and Jeremy definitely bond together. It something intriguing when I saw them. Bonnie thought that he's still Elena's little brother. A kid, but now he's older (and has his own driver license car). Bonnie, somehow starts to open herself to Jeremy in the way she would never do with someone else. Even with Elena. They have something in common. Although it's something cliché, but it still works for me.

Elijah arrives

When Trevor and Rose notice that Elijah arrives, both of them terrified. Sees two 500 years old vampires scare the hell out of him, just not make Elena feels better. I think it's out of her imagination about what Elijah is and what he capable of. Trevor wants to flee, but Rose keeps convince him that this will work for them.

Rose tells Elijah about the fact that Katherine survives from the fire on 1864. But, Elijah already knows it. So, Rose tells him about Elena. Katherine's doppelganger. He's surprised. They thought that Petrova's line end on Katherine. Rose wants forgiveness for her and Trevor. Elijah agrees to forgive her.

After he makes sure that Elena is a human, he cuts off Trevor's head with a single hand like it's nothing. Rose shocks and angry, but she could do nothing. His ability is beyond every vampire that we have seen on this TV Series. And it makes me worry about The Salvatore brothers' lives.

We know that Katherine could easily rip their heads off in a second, but this vampire? He is just one of them. It means there are the others. No wonder why Katherine really scares and running for them.

Elena tries to gain time while she is waiting for the brothers to come and save her. She tells him about the moonstone and that she knows where it is. But, Elijah doesn't buy it and choose to compel her after takes her vervain necklace. He finally knows where Katherine is.

Just about the time when the brothers come (to their own death?) Damon and Stefan are trying to play smart. But, I could see that whatever they do just actually useless. Elena throws a vervain grenade to Elijah. He gets hurt initially, but recovers very quickly like it was nothing. So, he's vervain-proof.

Stefan shoots him with wood sticks weapon over and over again. But, it really looks like nothing. Damon finally able to stake his heart and then, his skin looks pale just when we see a vampire dies. Does he really die? Does it over so quickly and easily? I'm not sure.

Damon confession

Elena backs home. Safe and in one piece. All feel relieve. While in the boarding house, there is some brotherhood moment. Stefan confesses his true feeling why he decided to force Damon to turn. And also an apology. It actually nothing that we don't know yet. It happened in first season. But, the brothers come in one conclusion, they need to get along. Stop fighting with each other, stop fighting for Elena's affection.

So, Damon then decides to go to Elena's room. Well, Damon in her room, brings a really bad memory for Elena. She isn't ready for it. Especially when she knows that he brings her vervain necklace, but refuses to give it. She starts to feel that he would do something bad.

Especially when he says: "I just have to say something... what I'm about to say is... probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my life."

The words "I love you, Elena" finally come from his mouth. I think Elena's not really surprise about it. But, what makes Elena really surprises is about what Damon says after that. He knows that he doesn't deserve her. But, Stefan does. And he has to stop for being selfish like he did with Katherine (the "Katherine" word is my opinion).

She's more surprise when Damon gently kisses her brow. The sweet love that I've seen on the first season, but never seen it again before now. "God, I wish you didn't have to forget this." Damon says.

"But you do." A tear is dropped from his eye when he says it. He compels her to forget and then leaves in a second.

Elijah not dead

He died, but then suddenly the life is coming back to him quickly. Just like nothing happen to him. It seems he let the brother go because he wants something.

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