3 Interview with Michael Trevino about Tyler's transformation


Michael was busy doing several interviews with different websites. All was talking about Tyler's transformation into a werewolf, which according to the spoiler it will happen on episode 11 "By The Light of The Moon".

1. Interview with WetPaint

WetPaint interviewed Michael about Tyler. They talked about various subjects such as how Damon would react with Tyler's tranformation. Will Tyler cause a trouble for Damon?

WP:Before the whole wolf thing, Tyler didn’t really rank on the Salvatore radar. But now he’s Damon’s enemy. What’s going to happen with that?
MT: I think with the information that they’re finding about how one werewolf bite can kill a vampire it is going to cause trouble. Damon’s not going to want any werewolves just casually roaming Mystic Falls. I think that he’s going to have a problem with that. He’s going to want to address it. How far and deep he goes into it, I don’t know. But he’s going to have to do something about it. And then maybe he’ll have to deal with what part Stefan has in getting involved in this new werewolf lineage thing in Mystic Falls.
They also talked about Tyler, Caroline and Matt relationship, his Christmas plan, and his Twitter account. Read the interview at WebPaint

Previously, WebPaint had interviewed him about the transformation.

“It isn’t anything like Twilight or True Blood,” Michael Trevino teases about his alter ego’s long-awaited transformation from teen to teen wolf. “I don’t just morph into this werewolf in an instant. It is a long, painful process.”
That process took two 14 hour days to film. Though, Trevino says, the makeup preparation probably lasted less than 90 minutes, since the show’s makeup artists used very few prosthetics to help him go full wolf. “For the first transformation there were maybe only a couple of prosthetics,” he says. “With us it’s more about the performance than CGI effects and awesome prosthetics — even though we do have them.”

Read the full interview here.

2. Interview with Jim Halterman

Jim asked him about the transformation and Michael's explanation would give us several imagination about what will happen :

JH: So, Michael, the change is coming this week. How freaked out are we all going to be?
Michael Trevino: I just did a looping session yesterday and so I saw a cut with some special effects and it’s intense. It doesn’t happen quick. It doesn’t happen in an instant. It’s very long and it’s a very, very painful process and it lasts the entire episode so that’s what’s going to happen.  We shot it over two days and I’ve never been more challenged as an actor.
They also talked about how Trevino maintains his body's shape and will he add his training hours to prepare Tyler's transformation. Or at least, as preparation so he would look good when he has to shirtless. Read the interview at Jim Halterman 

3. Interview with TV Guide Magazine.

Michael Trevino talked about Tyler meets another werewolf, Joe Manganiello (Alcide on True Blood), and his phobia on spider :


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