5 reasons (and more) why we need Matt in The Vampire Diaries


Let's get straight, I'm a man so I don't like a "bad boy" type. Just like the female fans don't like a "bitch" type. So, is it has something to do with Matt Donovan? Well, yes. Did you remember the day when Mystic Falls full of bitches and jerks?

I thought that Matt was one of them. But, I'm totally wrong. He's mature, a fair person and really such a gentleman. Unfortunately, there are several fans, writers and reviewers who thought that Matt's character is wasting time and places in our favorite TV Series.
Apparently, their opinions disturb several people who I know. Several months ago, Red from Vampire-Diaries.net wrote a post about it. And in this passing week, Carina from Zap2It wrote another post about 5 reasons why The Vampire Diaries needs Matt Donovan.
She sat with Zach Rorieg while she was trying to "educate" those haters the reasons why Matt is needed on this show. You can watch the video :

If you really curious about what the reasons, Carina will really entertain you with her sarcastic, smart ways. Just read it on her post.


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