5 Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets


For makeup, Jennifer Aniston always looks simple. The actress who has played as Rachel on situation comedy Friends, is famous because her natural beauty, which often highlighted with nude lipstick wipe and brown eye shadow or beige.

Do you want to know what kind of beauty rituals, which are done by Aniston so she still looks gorgeous in her almost 42 years of age? Here, her five beauty rituals:

1. Keep active

Aniston doesn't always spend hours to workout. But, at least she spends 20 minutes each day for cardio. She usually runs or spinning. Besides that, she also practices yoga and confesses that that stretching exercise helps her fix her posture.


2. Highlight her assets

Her persistence to workout produces results: tight arm and feet. No wonder if this Brad Pitt's ex-wife always look confidence to wear mini gown without string and sexy high heel.

3. Drinks a lot of water

Her concern toward the future of clean water makes this brunette limits her shower time only three minutes to save water. But, in term of water supply for her body, she never let herself thirst. "I drink 100 once Smartwater every day," she said. That number is equal with 12.5 glasses of water.

4. Glowing Skin

This 'The Bounty Hunter' star chooses colored moisturizer or light foundation for her face. Thin powder wipe makes Aniston looks younger. She also avoids moisturizers that make her face oiled.

5. Simple hairstyle

Aniston loves to letting her hair down in various occasions, even when she stood on red carpet. She also doesn't like to use too much hair products. If she has to use hair straightener product, she never uses it until make her hair drenched.


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