Smallville Season 9 Episode 3 Rabid Review


Clark wakes up and sees that he is strapped to a chair in Chloe’s lab. He sees that he has been injected by a green substance. He checks his phone and sees a text from Oliver that says he lost her. He looks around the city and sees that it is completely empty. He goes to the Daily Planet and finds it has been ransacked. He finds Lois working at the copy machine. When she turns, he sees that she has turned into a zombie.
The show jumps 12 hours earlier. Clark sits at his desk listening to the police scanner. Lois arrives to work late. She says that the Blur hasn’t contacted her in a while. She sees that there is a fire that they should report on. Clark asks Lois if she wants coffee, quickly runs off to put out the fire, and returns with coffee. Lois asks if he smells smoke and sees that the fire was put out.
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