Interview with Juan Alfonso Baptista


We have seen Juan Baptista played protagonist character such as Oscar Reyes on Pasion de Gavilanes (Hidden Passion). But, we sometimes forget that Juan is an actor. Recently, he plays as an antagonist character, Guilermo Meija, on a telenovela 'Sin Tetas no paradise'. interviewed this actor about his antagonist character, his love relationship with his girlfriend and more.

-We haven't met for a long time. What had you been doing since you left to Spain?

-I have been starring on La marca del deseo, a telenovela with a good script and a director and an excellent casts. I've also done several auditions and many trips. Personally, I fell in love.

-In La Marca del desem, you worked with Stephanie Cayo, what do you think about her?

-Great. She is a fabulous actress and companion.

-There was a rumor that you fell in love with her.

- Oh, it was wrong. We are very good friends, but nothing more.

-Did the rumors bother you?

I'm used to and I know that rumors are the part of my job. There were times when rumors really bothered me.

-At least, you came back to our country with a huge successful production...

-Yes, I am very happy to re-record in Spain.

-And you play as a villain?

-I play as Meija, a Mexican drug trafficker who is operating in Spain. I'm delighted because he is a character with great strength, character and plenty of nuances.

-Playing him on the telenovela, did it mean that you have fulfilled your dream to play an antagonist?

-I am fascinated by all roles that I got because they forced me to give the best as an actor. I got plenty experiences when I tried to interpret them.

-Are you tired play good characters?

- (Laughs). No, but I have been playing various characters, so I'm happy with my portfolio and I will do my best in every scene.

-Do you hope to surpass the success of Pasion de Gavilanes?

I never think about that. All I want is that I play these characters as good as I played Oscar Reyes and be memorized over time. I don't want otherwise.

-What do you remember when filmed Pasion de Gavilanes? was great. Now, I just try to move on and not remember what happened in the past. I just put all of my energy and commitment to each role.

-Are still seeing your former co-stars, Michel Brown (Franco), and Mario Cimarro (Juan)


-I have daily contact with Michel, my best friend and now he is a part of my family. I rarely to see Mario since he lifes in Los Angeles, but I keep my best memories about him.

-On Sin Tetas, there was a rumor that you have disagreements with him. What is your comment?

-He is my other best friend and we are happy to work together for many years. Indeed, we have several disagreements.

--It was reportedly that you replace Miquel Silvestre. Do you afraid to be compared with him?

-There will always be some comparisons, but I don't worry at all. There is no way to avoid such a comment. And there is no person who can really replace other person. Each person has his/her own space, his/her own space, time, age and place.

--Have you seen his telenovela?

-I saw two previous seasons and the Colombian version. But, I haven't seen the American adaptation. So I'm a virgin at that point (laughs).

--How long will you stay on Spain?

-I will stay for one year. I think I will miss how welcoming are people in Spain.

--Do you have some preparations to play the character?

-He is a Mexican, so I will focus on the accent. That plus all of his complexity. I don't want to dissapoint the fans.

-Will it be some love scenes? Perhaps several scenes with Catalina (Amaia Salamanca)?

I hope so. I currently only filmed four chapters.

Still with Natalia Paris

There were rumors mentioned that Juan and his girlfriend, Natalia had broken up. The reason was that Juan's dog bit Natalia's child, which caused some arguments. But, Juan denied it. "I'm really happy with Natalia. I love her very much."

Just a partner

Following the successful of Pasio de Gavilanes, he has some scenes with Paola Rey in La mujer en el espejo.


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