Mario Cimarro get injured when filmed Los herederos del Monte


As quoted from TVyNovelas, Mario Cimarro who best-known as his role, Juan Reyes on telenovela, Pasion de Gavilanes has suffered some injuries while he was recording Los herederos del Monte, telenovela produced by Telemundo, the actor Mario Cimarro, suffered two blackouts and had to receive medical attention.

According to one source who declined to be revealed "It started around 9 am, when he and the actress Marlene Favela were about to film some outdoor scenes in the vicinity of the ranch where the story unfolds. Suddenly Mario fainted and fell to the floor. "He immediately was being taken into his dressing room, where he was given something to inhale and he revived. "At first, several of the actors and technicians who were on location, they thought it was a charade from Mario, "said another source.

According to several people in the production, the actor had a very pale face. Despite this, Cimarro would not create new conflicts, so suddenly said: "I'm fine, I can record. "  But when he started his  scenes, the actor returned to faint, hence, immediately called the doctor and taken to a hospital.

Some time later, Cimarro wrote in his Twitter account: "This morning my body that I suffered a decompensation of a sharp pain on the right side of my head, went to the doctor and after several tests, the doctor diagnosed and prescribed migraine medications five days. "


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dear Mario I am a big fan of you and really like to stay in touch with you please accept my request.


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