Lauren Cohan talked about how torturous it was to make out with Ian Somerhalder


Frankly, I didn't like Rose although I also didn't hate her. I think she wasn't as strong as she should be for 540 year old vampire. But, the last episode of our favorite TV Series, The Vampire Diaries really broke my heart. Lauren Cohan really played Rose very well. Well, I don't know why but it seems all websites love to interview any actor or actress just right after the left the show. So, this time TV Fanatic also interviewed Lauren. They discussed several things such as how it likes to work with Jensen and Jared on Supernatural, her upcoming role on my other favorite TV Series, Chuck and also what it like to make out with Ian Somerhalder:

On a scale of 1-10, how torturous was it to make out with Ian Somerhalder?
God. It’s like I kept asking them to get someone else to do it for me, a double. They just wouldn’t, I had to do it. It was horrible. I cried every night. Beyond 10, it doesn’t fit on a scale. (Laughs.) I can’t imagine the jealous woman. I don’t even want to go there, I don’t even want to know.
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