Natasha Klauss talked about her second daughter, her husband and her career


Natasha Klauss is an actress who best-known as her role in the popular telenovela, Hidden Passion. She played as Sarita Elizondo in that telenovela. In this interview, she talked about her second daughter and her husband.
Her second daughter gave Natasha Klauss happiness when the baby was born in April 2008. The baby born as the result of her marriage with Marcelo Grecco in 2003. No doubt that the moment gave her something special in her career, especially for her album."It was very special, something magical and inexplicable. When we finished the recordings, I felt much nostalgia and now, if I hear the song, it gave me goose bumps. "

But it also led to a change at the personal level: "I've always been a girl full of fear and insecurity, and now I have accepted as an attractive, confident. "

In 2003, she married Marcelo after she is convinced that he is the love in her life. And it seems so since until now they have been including the most stable couples in the entertainment industry. "We're buddies. Our relationship was established with the head, not just tickle you wake up in your stomach when you fall. I want to grow old with him. " she said.

Turned into one of the most acclaimed actresses of the time, she had no difficulty in accepting supporting roles in her next project: La mujer en el espejo (2004)  and La tormenta (2005): "I'm happy with what I do and do not care if I get the main role or not, I just want to do what my heart heart tells me. " And in 2007, she got a role as a nun who got tormented in the movie Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa.

And during her album recording process, her second daughter was born. "Marcelo is the perfect gift and being a mom is the best thing that happened, every time I look at my daughters, I see through the eyes of God. "

Talking about her career, as an actress who has been playing in Colombian movies and telenovela, she says that she has to keep climbing step-by-step, without rest, without giving up. "The rough roads and those that require effort are those that lead you to the goal. "



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