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It has been 38 years since Bruce Lee died. But, people still remember him and consider him as the legend. If you are one of his fans, maybe you want to collect this action figure, Bruce Lee Fist of Fury 1/6 Collectible Figure. This action figure is taken from one of his movies, Fist Of Fury on 1972. This action figure is limited and only produced for 5000 pieces all around the world. The last time I checked on Amazon, it only left one in the stock.

Price: $ 699.99 (Update the price on Amazon)


* 30 cm Tall
* 2 Supreme "BRUCE LEE " Head Sculpts from "FIST OF FURY"
* 3 sets of Hair style for "FIST OF FURY"
* ENTERBAY's Exclusive Eyeball system 360
* 2 sets of detailed Tailor-made outfit from "FIST OF FURY"
* BL-3 Body
* Deluxe Diorama base made by premium wood.
* "Chinese Sick Man" kick board (Frame made by wood)
* 5 designs of posing hands
* Nuncha
* Figure Stand FS-100
* Serial numbered Certificate card
* ENTERBAY's Luxury Packaging (Collectors Edition )

Each set comes with a serial number on BL-3 Body, Certificate of Authentication card, Wooden Diorama base and the Packaging box.

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