Angelique Boyer floods her Twitter account with love messages


"Love cannot even describe how I feel about you," wrote this young actress.

It seems that beautiful young actress, Angelique Boyer (22 years) is ready to shout her love from the rooftops. It has been over a week, she has been tweeting romantic messages on her Twitter account.

And if anyone doubts about how madly in love she is, here some love phrases that has been published by gorgeous actress who played Teresa:

"You're in love when you realize that the other person is unique. Jorge Luis Borges."

"True love is not simply the inevitable desire to help others to be who he is. Jorge Bucay."

Indeed, her tweets weren't created by herself, but were taken from various authors. The most obvious message came during the morning (July 21st), when Boyer wrote: "I love you?....More..Love can't even describe how I feel about you."

And a few hours later, she published a tweet taken from a song by Spanish singer, Alejandro Sanz 'No es lo mismo.' Then, she gave additional comment to her tweet: "the most beautiful thing is that the other person would realize the quality of my love."

Although she hasn't mentioned directly who he is, the lucky man who captures her heart lately, but people know that she has been starting a very affectionate relationship with producer Jose Alberto 'El Guero' Castro (55). And even, she was travelling with him. Well, the most important is that she is happy.



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