Telenovela Teresa Episode 6


Summary of Telenovela Teresa Episode 6

Teresa begins her revenge

Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) tells Teresa he would love to discuss a book with her. Teresa flirts him and walks out.
Rosita (Jessica Segura) tells Johny that if she wins the medal, she will dedicate it to her dad and him.

Teresa comes to Luisa (Fernanda Castillo), who confesses that she is not very sociable. While they are talking, Teresa accidentally hears conversation between Ruben and Arturo. Ruben congratulates him for having a student as pretty as Teresa (Angelique Boyer), and even asks if Arturo has something to do with it.
Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) says no, while Ruben says he should be like him, having affairs while maintaining the image of his perfect marriage. Teresa feels upset when she hears it.

Teresa is about to leave the party, pretending that she has headache when Aida came. Teresa comes over and says she has a very unpleasant surprise.

Hernan Ledesma doesn’t reveal anything to Mariano (Aaron Diaz) about Esperanza (Fabiola Campomanes), but he says that he fears that his sister has a serious illness. But, Hernan needs to study further.

Paulo (Alejandro Nones) and Aida try to bother Teresa. Paulo pretends to be Aida’s boyfriend to make Teresa jealous. But, Teresa just leaves. Aida says that she is getting tired to make Teresa jealous.

Luisa (Fernanda Castillo) accidentally throws a tray of drinks. Teresa saves her from the situation and she thanks her.

Teresa talks to Ruben, says that she is good. Aida who sees her from distant, feels upset. Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) arrives and tells Teresa that Ruben is not a good man. She just smiles and says goodbye.

Presenter announces Rosita; Refugio, Armando and Johnny get excited. Rosita hopes Refugio doesn’t notice that Teresa has not arrived yet.

Rosita runs on the competition, but eventually she is faint.


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