Kim Bum hugged 1,000 fans


Several times ago, actor Kim Bum held a meet and greet event with his fans in Japan. On that event, Kim Bum hugged and shake hands with his fans one by one. Well, the fans who attended the event reached 1,000 fans. However, Kim Bum kept hugging and shaking their hands.

"Kim Bum gave hugs and shake hands to each fans during the event. Many fans cried after they had seen him directly. He promised he would be back for fans who supported him," the Korean actor spokesperson said as quoted by Soompi.

According to the spokesperson, the number of fans who attended the event already limited. And many fans felt disappointed because they couldn't attend the event. "Local capacity for the meet and greet event was limited. Although we had many requests to add the quota, but we couldn't grant it. Kim Bum already got request to visit Japan again," the spokesperson said.


  1. nenskei said...:

    I like Kim bum !!

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