Smallville Soundtrack Season 6


Here list of songs that had been used as soundtracks in Smallville Season 6. The list is divided by each episode. Some of episodes didn't use songs/musics or in another words, they had used their own music creation.
Episode #6-18: "Progeny"
Some of the songs listed below are only played for a few seconds as Lex goes through the radio stations in his car:
"Steppin" by Telepictures
"As You Get Closer" by Telepictures
"Scruggs" by Telepictures
"Figured Out Love" by Telepictures
"Overture: The Flying Dutchman" by Extreme
Episode #6-16: "Promise"
"You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol - Played at the very beginning of this episode.
"Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin - Played at the end of this episode.
Episode #6-14: "Trespass"
"Roadside" by Rise Against - Played at the end of the episode.
Episode #6-12: "Labyrinth"
"Yesterday" by Hefshill - Played at the end of the episode.
Episode #6-11: "Justice"
"High and Low" by Greg Laswell - Played during the final scene between Lois and Oliver.
Episode #6-10: "Hydro"
"I Can’t Wait No More" by Syncfree
Episode #6-9: "Subterranean"
"Prelude 12/21 by AFI - Played at the end of the episode when Lex returns to 33.1.
Episode #6-8: "Rage"
"Cain and Able" by Josh Kelley - Played at the end of the episode.
Episode #6-7: "Fallout"
"Fresh Azimiz" by Bow Wow - Played during the basketball game at the start of the episode.
Episode #6-6: "Reunion"
"Ease My Pain" - Played when Oliver is practicing his archery and Clark meets for him. Sadly, this is not commercially available at this time.
Episode #6-3: "Wither"
"It Ends Tonight" by the All-American Rejects - Played at Lex Luthor’s costume party by special in-person guests the All-American Rejects
"Ache" by James Carrington - Played throughout the fifth act of the show. (order it on iTunes!)


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