Supernatural Episode Guide : Season 3

Episode 1 "Magnificent Seven "
Original Air Date : 4 October 2007
Bracing themselves for the possibility of an apocalyptic war, Sam and Dean realize they have an enormous task of hunting down the hundreds of demons that escaped from the Devil’s Gate. With only a year left to live, Dean decides to live life to the fullest and exhibits a carefree attitude that troubles Sam, who is trying to find a loophole in the deal. Bobby tells the brothers about a sighting in Nebraska, that turns out to be seven demons that are the actual manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ruby appears for the first time and seems to be stalking Sam.

Episode 2 "The Kids Are Alright"
Original Air Date : 11 October 2007
Sam and Dean track down changelings that are pursuing mothers and their children. A boy they protect bears a strange resemblance to Dean, which at first makes Dean uncomfortable because he once had a one-night stand with the boy’s mother Lisa. Sam learns more about his family roots and is offered a possible way to save Dean via a proposition from Ruby who appears again and shows Sam her form.

Episode 3 "Bad Day at Black Rock"
Original Air Date : 18 October 2007
Word continues to spread of the Winchesters and the opening of a devil’s gate, with them to blame. The Winchesters suddenly find their luck rising after finding a rabbit’s foot. But Bobby tells Sam that the foot is cursed and brings death to the person who loses it. Bela Talbot appears for the first time and steals the foot from Sam, causing him a string of bad luck. Dean decides to hunt for Bela after leaving Sam in a hotel room to prevent him from doing any more damage with his bad luck. While Dean is gone Kubrick discovers Sam’s whereabouts and because he believes it’s God’s will, he attempts to kill Sam. Dean arrives just in time to prevent Sam’s death.

Episode 4 "Sin City"
Original Air Date : 25 October 2007
Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers two demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and believe that they are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Dean uses a devil’s trap to capture one of the demons, and it manages to trap Dean as well, and the demon tells Dean about their motives. Meanwhile, Ruby helps Bobby give the Colt more bullets.

Episode 5 "Bedtime Stories"
Original Air Date : I November 2007
Fairy tales come to life when the brothers investigate Callie, a young girl who seems to personify Snow White. Poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, her spirit becomes angrier as more time passes. Callie’s father visits her constantly, reading her original Brothers Grimm stories and unknowingly inspiring her carnage. After putting her spirit to rest, Sam meets the crossroads demon named Nicole to "make a deal" - either release Dean from his bargain or die. The demon says that she doesn’t have the power to break the deal and only her boss has that ability. She then taunts Sam that letting Dean die will be good for Sam, prompting Sam to kill her.

Episode 6 "Red Sky at Morning"
Original Air Date : 8 November 2007
Dean and Sam visit a woman, Gertrude, whose niece may have been drowned by ghosts from a sunken ship, only to find that the woman is well aware of that possibility and their cover has already been blown by Bela. Without missing a beat, Dean smoothly goes along with the woman’s realization. Later, Bela and Dean struggle for the upper hand and Sam tries to avoid Gertrude’s while they act as a distraction.

Episode 7 "Fresh Blood"
Original Air Date : 15 November 2007
Gordon has escaped from prison, and trades Bela a valuable item in exchange for Sam’s location. After an encounter with Sam and Dean, Gordon is taken captive by a vengeful vampire who at first plans to feed the famed vampire hunter to his new female companions or daughters as the vampire calls them. Meanwhile Dean tries to gently break the news to Sam that they’ll have to kill Gordon when they find him. Sam surprises Dean by agreeing without protest. Later, the boys realize just how badly the vampire’s new plan backfired when Gordon is turned into what he loathed most. When the boys find out Bela was responsible for Gordon finding them, Dean informs Bela the first thing he’s going to do if they survive is kill her, but she surprises him by helping him locate Gordon. Mercedes McNab guest stars.

Episode 8 "A Very Supernatural Christmas"
Original Air Date : 13 December 2007
Sam and Dean follow the trail of what they believe to be the "anti santa" who abducts its victims using their chimneys. They find that old Pagan Gods are behind the abductions using special Christmas wreaths to select their victims. Flashbacks reveal what Christmas was like for the Winchester brothers as children.

Episode 9 "Malleus Maleficarum"
Original Air Date : 31 January 2008
Sam and Dean encounter a coven of witches who have been serving demons. Ruby tells Sam and Dean to get out of town while they still have the chance, but the Winchesters ignore her warning. Blood begins to spurt out of Dean’s mouth and Sam travels to the witchs’ house to stop the spell. After a near-death experience, Ruby saves Dean and they both go to help Sam. The brothers learn that Ruby was once a human witch before becoming a demon.

Episode 10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
Original Air Date : 7 February 2008
A maid comes into Bobby’s hotel room and finds him asleep. No one can wake him up and the doctor concludes that he just suddenly lapsed into a coma. Dean and Sam investigate this ordeal and find that he is trapped within his own mind. The boys manage to save Bobby by going into his dreams which includes Dean having to face one of his own fears (himself). Deans fear is of going to hell and becoming a demon.

Episode 11 "Mystery Spot"
Original Air Date : 14 February 2008
Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean’s death. Determined to stop the time loop, he repeatedly tries to alter the day or otherwise prevent his brother’s death from ever occurring. After repeated failures, a slight change in how the day plays out tips Sam off on who the culprit really is. He confronts the man and it is revealed to be a Trickster, whom the brothers believed they had killed some time before. Sam attempts to kill him, but the Trickster ends the loop and allows the brothers to leave. The day after, Dean is shot by a mugger and dies. Distraught, Sam turns dark and seeks out the Trickster eventually finding him and begging him to save Dean. The Trickster maintains Dean’s early death is a good thing for Sam. Regardless, the Trickster agrees and Dean is brought back to life once again.

Episode 12 "Just In Bello"
Original Air Date : 21 February 2008
Sam and Dean break into Bela’s apartment in order to get the Colt back, but she has tipped off Agent Henricksen about their whereabouts and they are arrested. While Sam and Dean are locked in a cell in Colorado, a demon breaks in and kills some of the sheriff’s men and possesses Henricksen. After the guys vanquish the demon, the FBI agent realizes they were telling the truth and prepares to release them, but Ruby shows up to a warn Sam and Dean that the jailhouse is surrounded by a band of demons with a powerful new leader who wants Sam dead. As Dean and Sam face off against the 30 demons they escape and soon find out that Lilith has returned in the form of a young girl and killed everyone in the jail.

Episode 13 "Ghostfacers"
Original Air Date : 24 April 2008
Sam and Dean work a case at the same place where the boys from Hell Hound’s Lair, Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, are shooting the pilot for their reality show "Ghost Facers." Every leap year, at midnight, a ghost who used to be a janitor at a local hospital brings people’s corpses to the Morton House for company. Their spirits remain trapped in the house as well as any living person in the house at midnight. Sam and Dean become trapped in the house with the Ghost Facers crew and must figure out how to kill the ghost as it starts hunting them one by one.

Episode 14 "Long Distance Call"
Original : 1 May 2008
A married man receives countless phone calls from his dead high school sweetheart until he is driven to end his own life. The residents of a town in Ohio are getting phone calls from deceased loved ones, the spirits telling them to come and see them. Dean receives a call from John (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) telling Dean that the demon that’s holding the contract to Dean’s soul is in town, and he knows how to save Dean’s life. Sam and Dean argue because Sam distrusts the information that Dean is receiving by phone, but Dean is convinced that it’s his father and follows the advice he is given to try and save himself.

Episode 15 "Time Is on My Side"
Original Air Date : 8 May 2008
Sam convinces Dean to go to Erie, Pennsylvania, to investigate a possible zombie. But they end up meeting Doctor Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real doctor who abandoned his work in 1816 to follow his obsession of finding the key to eternal life. He drugs people and harvests their internal organs for his research. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out where Bela is from another hunter Rufus Turner and Dean leaves Sam to deal with the doctor alone while he confronts Bela.

Episode 16 "No Rest for The Wicked"
Original Air Date : 15 May 2008
With only 30 hours left before Dean’s deal is up, Sam and Bobby search for Lilith, who holds the contract. After locating Lilith in New Harmony, Indiana, Sam summons Ruby for help. They decide they can’t trust her and steal her demon killing knife and depart for New Harmony to kill Lilith. They soon find out that there is no way to help Dean. In the end, Dean is killed and sent to hell. Though devastated, Sam realizes that Lilith is powerless against him.

Source : Wikipedia.
Original Air Date refer to US’s air date.


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