Smallville Behind Scene:Proses syuting dan Musik


The Cloverdale welcome sign

The show is produced at BB Studios in Burnaby. Initially, production was going to be in Australia, but Vancouver had more of a "Middle America landscape". The city provided a site for the Kent farm, as well as doubling for Metropolis. It also provided a cheaper shooting location, and was in the same time zone as Los Angeles.[5] "Main street" Smallville is at a combination of two locations. Portions were shot in the town of Merritt, and the rest was shot in Cloverdale.[8] Cloverdale is particularly proud of being a filming site for the show; at its entrance is a sign which reads "Home of Smallville."

Vancouver Technical School doubled as the exterior for Smallville High, as the film makers believed Van Tech had the "mid-American largess" they wanted.[8] This kept in-line with Millar’s idea that Smallville should be the epitome of "Smalltown, USA".[11] The interiors of Templeton Secondary School were used for Smallville High’s interior.[12] The Kent farm is a real farm located in Aldergrove. Owned by The Andalinis, the production crew had to paint their home yellow for the show.[7] Exterior shots of Luthor Mansion were filmed at Hatley Castle in Victoria.[8] The interior shots were done at Shannon Mews, in Vancouver, which was also the set for the Dark Angel pilot and Along Came a Spider.[8] Movie house Clova Cinema, in Cloverdale, is used for exterior shots of The Talon, the show’s coffee house.[13]


Composer Mark Snow works in tandem with producer Ken Horton to create the underscore for the show. As Mark Snow summarizes his job, "I get a locked picture on a videotape which syncs up with all my gear in the studio. I write the music, finish it up, mix it up, send it through the airwaves on the internet, and the music editor puts it in. They call up usually and say, ’Thank you, well done.’ Sometimes they call and say, ’Thank you, not so well done - can you change this or that?’ I say ’Sure,’ make the changes and send it back." More specifically, Snow creates his music on the spot, as he watches the picture, and then tweaks his performance upon reviewing the recordings from his initial play. Most episodes feature their own soundtrack, comprised of one or more songs by musical bands. Jennifer Pyken and Madonna Wade-Reed of Daisy Music work on finding these songs for the show’s soundtrack. Pyken and Wade-Reed’s choices are then discussed by the producers, who decide which songs they want and organize the process of securing the licensing rights to the songs. Although Snow admits that it initially seemed odd to combine the two musical sounds on a "typical action-adventure" television show, he admits that "the producers seem to like the contrast of the modern songs and the traditional, orchestral approach to the score".[14]

The main theme to Smallville is not a score composed by Snow, who is used to composing the opening themes as well, like he did for The X-Files, but the single "Save Me" by Remy Zero. Since the show’s premiere, two soundtrack albums have been released. On February 25, 2003, Smallville: The Talon Mix was released featuring a selected group of artists that licensed their music to the show.[15] Following that release, on November 8, 2005, Smallville: The Metropolis Mix was released featuring another select group of artists.[16]

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Proses Syuting

Film serial ini diproduksi di Studio BB di Burnaby. Sebenarnya, produksi direncanakan di Australia, tetapi Vancouver lebih mempunyai "pemandangan Amerika bagian tengah". Kota ini menyediakan tempat untuk peternakan Kent,sekaligus kota Metropolis. Tempat itu juga menyediakan lokasi syuting yang lebih murah,dan mempunyai zona waktu yang sama dengan Los Angeles. Jalan utama "Smallville" adalah kombinasi dari dua lokasi. Bagian pertama disyuting di kota Merrit,dan sisanya di Cloverdale. Cloverdale secara khusus merasa bangga menjadi lokasi syuting film ini, hal ini terlihat dari tanda jalan masuk yang dibaca " Home of Smallville."

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