The Impressive Fighting on Smallville


After had watched Smallville from Season 1 until Season 7, I collect impressives fighting on Smallville. Although personally, I thought that Smallville in somehow had a few actions. Actually, I think it will great if Smallville has more actions scenes and special effects. Let’s start season to season :

Season 3

Jonathan Kent vs Clark

To avoid Jor-El, Clark was run away to Metropolis. Three months in there, he did a lot crimes actions including rob banks, break ATM etc. To stop him, Jonathan made a deal with Jor-El. Jor-El lend Kryptonian power to Jon, then the father-son fighting began.

Alexander vs Lex

Lex separate into two person with different personalities. Alexander who evil and good Lex. Alexander captivate Lex and attack Clark.

Season 4

Lana vs Clark

Lana possessed by her grand mother spirit and compete with Clark, Lex and Jason to get three element. In China, Lana and Clark fight. Clark almost kill cause one of his weakness is magic.

Season 5

Clark vs Lex

Lex kidnapped by Brainiac and immunize with antivirus that created by himself. And as a addition, he got all Kryptonian power. Lex came over Clark who get order from Jor-El to kill Lex. The two nemesis finally fighting ( although it seem anticlimax or unfinished).

Season 6

Lex vs Oliver

Lex angry cause something attack him and Lana. Felt that Oliver is a man behind that attack, Lex came over him and they are fight. Honestly, I’m very happy look somebody kick Lex ass, cause he steal Lana and Lana is moron, believe someone like Lex can be trusted.

Clark vs Titan

Titan is one of Zoners from Phantom Zone. A fight thirsty warriors who looking for a great fighter. It is a bloody and impressive fight that I have ever see on Smallville. The broken heart Clark, looking a release for his anger came over Titan. A giant Titan and Clark fight it out.

The Justice break through Lex factory

Lex arrest The Impulse. Clark try to save him and find out that he collapsed by kryptonite. The Justice come to save them and booming the factory. And off the screen, they around the world to ruin Lex’s 33.1 projects. It’s awesome. He need somebody to give him a lesson.

Clark vs Bizzarro

Bizzarro really almost overcome Clark who shock facing enemies that almost like him.  But, in season 7 the fight between them again, anticlimax or unfinished.

Season 7

Lex vs Green Arrow

The fight between them remind me about kung fu action style. You know, two enemies holding onto other weapon while they fighting each other and Green Arrow use Lex’s gun to shoot Lex bodyguard. It’s like Hong Kong’s action movies typical. I thing is cool. And it is becoming more when Black Canary had a hand in their fighting. And when the two vigilantes trie to kill Lex while Lex tries to kill both of them, Clark come and save the two but letting Lex hurt.

I was forgot about season 1 and 2. Maybe there is some impressive fight in those seasons. In  the end, I think that the most impressive fighting among all is Clark vs Titan. How about you ? Do you have different opinion ? What is the most impressive fight in your opinion ?


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