The Most Wanted TV Shows


Heroes TV Shows is the Winner

I’m corius what is the most wanted TV Show beetwen all TV Shows that had been/ will be aired in Indonesia. Use the Google Trends, I do a simple research to see what the most wanted series in some countries like Philiphines,Singapore,Hungary,Czech Republic,Mexico,Poland,Chile, Sweden,Spain, United Kingdom and of course Indonesia. And the TV Shows include Heroes,Smallville,Supernatural and Gossip Girl. Most Wanted in this articles mean that what most search on Google Search Engine on 2004-2008.

From graphic above, the brief conclusion is look likes Heroes is the winner. As we knew that Heroes Season 1 had aired on Trans TV, every days on 18.00 WIB. Smallville and Supernatural aired on Trans-7 on 2007-2008 and Gossip Girl will be air on Trans-7.

How about in Indonesia ?

From the picture above, the brief conclusion is Heroes still be the winner. Smallville becoming pretty popular in Indonesia in 2008, almost like Supernatural in 2007. If you fill doubt about this research, try to prove by yourself. Use the Google Trends. If anny different result or shocking result than I did, please tell me.


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