Variety of Lex Luthor


For Smallviller who dont know yet, Michael Rosenbaum, who portrayed Smallville’s Lex Luthor will not becoming regular player anymore. In other word, it mean that Lex Luthor will not appear anymore on Smallville ( at list maybe he will appear as guest star). He will replace with Tess who portrayed by Cassidy Freeman. ( Read Cassidy Freeman interview in MyDailyPlanet).

I must admit that Michael is a great actor, he play Lex so well, make me hate ( or should I say very hate) this character but in same time I felt sorry too. And some how, though I won’t miss Luthor, I’ll miss Michael. And I think so many Smallviller do.

For me, Lex Luthor who portrayed by Michael is the best version of Lex Luthor ever. Another version sometime look like a joke. Whether it played by Kevin Spacey or Gene Hackman. They are look like a comedian than a criminal. If you have read behind the scene of Smallville which posting in this blog, you will know that Michael bring Lex character so well, make casting’s crew be carried away, and the director and all crew said " This is a man that we looking for, he will be a perfect Lex Luthor."

To honour this character and Michael, I present this e-book. All in Indonesian. I translate it from Wikipedia. Read and give your feedback.



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