Smallville Season 8 Episode 7 : Identity


Airing October 30, 2008

Written By: Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer

Directed By: Mairzee Almas

It look like some robbery happened (cause they are casting a bad guy role, Sebastian and they are also looking for a Mugger.) And Clark save the day by knocking down the mugger. But Jimmy takes a photo when Clark in action, fortunately it red and blue blur. Clark is determined to keep him from finding out the truth about who has been saving the day.

At episode’s end, Lois is determined that Clark will help her to land the exclusive with the new hero of Metropolis, unaware that the "hero" is Clark himself. Remember when Clark put on a pair of green tights to remove suspicion that Oliver was the Green Arrow? Look for Ollie to return the favor.

Darren Swimmer tells E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos: "There’s an episode where Jimmy will think he sees something and starts connecting it to Clark, and Clark has to dig himself out of it. That starts Clark thinking that maybe it would be wise to have a secret identity. He starts embracing the idea that there’s someone out there saving people. He’s not denying that completely anymore, he’s just not ready to tell anyone it’s him. And that makes this year very exciting for us."

Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome) is not in this episode, but all of the other series regulars will be present.

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