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I still found people who have read articles about how to download faster with download manager in my blog, still fill confuse. They confuse about how to use download manager. So, I create this e-book for them. But it is in Indonesian. This e-book contain simple and complete guide about how to use download manager to accelerate your download process.

Download Manager can help you to download music (MP3) , video, files (word, pdf, etc) more faster than usually ( when use download manager that embedded on browser). This external Download Manager softwares make you download more efficient. You will amaze when you waiting no longer than 10-20 minutes and your download process of 20 MB files done.

And cause I have wrote articles about three download manager, so this e-book explain about how to use those softwares. Those softwares are Free Download Manager, Orbit Downloader, Internet Download Manager. So, if you wondering about how to accelerate your download process using those softwares, this e-book will suitable to you. But, if you still loose a way after read this e-book, or find some unanswered questions in this e-book, please don’t hesitant to contact me. I’ll do the best to find the answer and will release the update in new e-book. Enjoy it !

Download Panduan Lengkap Mendownload Dengan Cepat


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