Heroes Season 3 Premiere Ratings


According Newsrama.com, ratings for Heroes Season 3 Premiere on September 22,2008 has lowering than it season 2 premiere.

Respectively, three others TV Shows that airing on Monday are the second hour of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars which drew a 13.5/20, and a combo of CBS sitcoms - Two and A Half Men (9.1/13) and Worst Week (6.8/10). Then, Heroes on third place.

Heroes Season 1 and 2 ratings could drew 6.6/9 on December 3rd 2007. But, in season 3 only drew 6.1 rating/9 share in the 9 pm hour.

Additionally, the 4.9% of the all-important advertising demo of adult viewers 18-49 Monday’s premiere episode drew is down 25.76% from its season two launch, according to figures at the futoncritic.com.

All these ratings could be discouraging news for NBC and the show’s producers,
which has been billing this new season as a rebound from a disappointing season
2, both in ratings and fan/critical reception.

Ratings in this case is the percentage of total U.S. households tuned into all or part a program, and
"Share" represents the percentage of U.S. households watching TV during the hour
that tuned into all or part of a program.

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